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The UNP’s CM candidate

by Themiya Hurulle

(July 13, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardain) The nomination of Major-General Janaka Perera as the United National Party chief ministerial candidate at the forthcoming North-Central Provincial Council election is a token of appreciation and respect the party has for the services rendered by the armed forces to our country.

Major-General Janaka Perera who commenced his career in the Sri Lanka Army’s Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services Unit in the ’70s rose to the position of Chief of Staff having shown great leadership qualities, capacity for endurance and unlimited courage on the battlefields of the north and east of Sri Lanka in the efforts to bring peace to our country.

As an army officer who has extensive knowledge of war management and war strategies, many are the instances when he applied these techniques to the maximum benefit of the army and our country.

During the government of President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Major-General Janaka Perera was detailed to Jaffna to lead the thrust against the LTTE which had surrounded Jaffna causing great concern to the then government, the security forces and the residents. It was this valiant army officer and his soldiers who fought tooth and nail to drive the attacking LTTE forces to retreat to their original positions which eventually led to the recapture of the army camps overrun previously.

Thereafter, in Welioya, our heroic armed forces led by Major-General Janaka Perera were successful in eliminating over 500 LTTE by executing a meticulously planned ambush on the LTTE cadres arriving to attack the Welioya Divisional Headquarters.

As a former member of parliament and provincial councillor of the Anuradhapura District which is buffered from the north by Welioya, I remember this Major-General, as the commanding officer of the Welioya Army Headquarters securing his area of defence so that LTTE attacks on the villages in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Districts were minimised.

During that period, the residents of these two districts underwent untold hardships due to LTTE attacks and it was this officer and his soldiers who secured the LTTE threatened areas of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. Furthermore, having an engineering background, he and his soldiers played an active role in restoring the irrigation reservoirs and village roads, which benefited the villagers and brought the army closer to the people.

In selecting Major General Janaka Perera as a chief ministerial candidate the United National Party and its Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, has also recognised the dire need for professionals to serve the party and the country. In addition, this nomination is also a pledge of faith and recognition of our armed forces who are valiantly defending our territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The previous North Central Provincial Council administration has had many allegations of misuse of public funds, nepotism and corruption. As such, the United National Party by nominating Major-General Janaka Perera has nominated a man who has proved himself as an honest, dedicated and effective professional that the North Central Provincial Council so badly requires at this time to put the Rajarata on the track to advancement and development.

This no doubt must be the expectation of the people of the NCP.
(The Writer, Former MP and Provincial Councillor, Anuradhapura District)
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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Bruno said...

I think Mr. Themiya Hrulle should go to a doctor and get a full check up. According to him, Ranil really want to defeat LTTE! Could you please quote anything Ranil said about LTTE to that effect during last 4-5 years. I do not contest what said about Janaka. But, he now really joined the party which is always strengthen the LTTE against our heroic defence forces. Remember 'Millennium incident' where the goverment headed by Ranil betrayed our forces.. I support Janaka if at least he declare his opposition to CFA and incidents like 'Millennium' ... Will he come clean or betray the country supporting Ranil without changing Ranil's unpatriotic policies.

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