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Who is supplying “adulterated” Cyanide to Tiger and Company?

by Kumara Kaluarachchi

(July 20, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) In the golden days of LTTE (before Rajeev Ghandhi was killed) the cyanide capsule was a pride and honor of young Tamil terrorist recruits. It is said that the Terrorist Commander hangs the cyanide capsule around the neck of a wanna be terrorist who has successfully underwent training and converted in to a killing machine at their graduation ceremony. I have seen number of pictures Tiger and Company CEO Velupillei Prabakaran himself doing the honors to the child soldiers graduating from Tamil Terrorist training academies.

Good old days we used to hear the news of Tamil Terrorists were committing suicide when they are caught by the security forces. The usual cyanide bite never failed those misguided Terrorists.

Cyanide is an extremely poisonous substance. Ingestion of about 60-70 mg (L50 is about 5 – 10 mg / kg -1) of Potassium or Sodium salt of Cyanide is enough to take the terrorists to the instant heaven. The LTTE cyanide capsule could easily hold about 7g of cyanide, about 100 time of the lethal dose.

Then why does the LTTE Terrorists do not die when they bite their cyanide capsule these days. The last case was reported yesterday. A terrorist suspect has bitten his cyanide capsule when he was apprehended by the police. However he did not die! Now he is in the hospital.

One wonders how (and why) this type of things happens in Tiger and Company. Is the LTTE purchasing department is run by a corrupted chap who has substituted NaCN with NaCl and pocketed the money?

(The writer is a Editor of the Lanka Journal web site)
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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