God save the people!

- The Sudar Oli Editorial

(August 09, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is unfortunate that people have to wait for gods to punish people who commit atrocities in the country. Even ministers of the government share the view that the offenders have to be punished by god. It is perturbing that legal actions are not taken against a minister, who committed trespass into a government media institution, committed atrocities and it was telecast through government television channels. On the contrary, the victims of these atrocities are exposed to serious attacks by unidentified gangs.

Recently, the same minister has tried to grab a camera in public in the presence of 100s of people and the police. Complaints have been made to the police regarding these but, no action has been taken.

It is unfortunate that the leadership of the government is unable to question the misconduct. In fact, a minister, who was irked, has stated that god will punish the offenders. The Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa has expressed his regrets for the conduct of the fellow minister.

What is the inference from the views expressed by two responsible ministers of the government? There is hardly any will or power to deal with offenders who is a colleague in the cabinet. Even ministers are helpless.

This is not an isolated incident. This is not an incident which is solely about a minister. It reflects an approach by the government in being unable to arrest the unhealthy trends that are anti democratic and anti social.

This is reflected even in the approach towards the resolution of national ethnic problem. Even ministers say this. God save the people.

(An English translation of the Editorial in The Sudar Oli, a Tamil daily, based in Colombo)
- Sri Lanka Guardian