IC must act forthwith, Tamil People are with the LTTE - TNA Parliamentarian

(August 25, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian Chandrakanthan Chandraneru has issued statement calling the International Community to intervene immediately to stop the Sri Lankan Government forces onslaught on the Tamil population in the Vanni district.

TNA MP Chandrakanthan states that the Tamil people, the very roots of nationalism, are not with the government but, they are with the LTTE. Therefore, military victories are not permanent unless there is a political solution. That is the reality that the government must realize.

In a statement issued to the Press, Chandrakanthan states that the Tamil people do not believe that the government will resolve the problem through negotiations. They do not believe that the present government is interested in a political solution. It is only interested in a military solution.
He added that following the ongoing war in the Vanni, the people face a great human tragedy. Normal life is paralyzed. They have lost their employment opportunities. They are displaced due to the war where aggression is caused in their territory through the military operations. As a result of attacks on Vanni, people undergo great sufferings.

He explained that it is not a mark of a civilized government to cause such miseries to the people in the name of fighting terrorism.

He charged that the government is acting according to the agenda of extremist forces such as JHU.

He appealed to the international community to stop forthwith all acts of genocide committed by the government forces.

At the same time it is notable that TNA leader R.Sampanthan and several of its MPs have repeated this call for IC intervention in the recent past.
- Sri Lanka Guardian