Indian Independence and Slavery

by Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal

(August 16, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Indian government has celebrated down its 61st independence from British colonialism with the usual fun and fair in New Delhi displaying its military strength, but has in effect denounced it's own indpendece. Indian military strength is a shame as it is being used to kill Muslims in Kashmir. Indian president Patil and premier Singh elaborated on the Indian achievements during the past decades, but both failed to mention the annexation and militarization of Jammu Kashmir, the ghastly destruction of grand Babri Mosque and regular genocide in Kashmir .

Nor did these Indian “stars” pronounced any timetable for the withdrawal of forces from Kashmir and surrendering of sovereignty to freedom-seeking Kashmiris or rededicated the nation to rebuild the Grand Babri Mosque destroyed by Hindu militants and similar Hindu Taliban extremists under the able guidance form the so-called democratic and secular governments at New Delhi and Lucknow..

On the one hand, India terrorizes Kashmiris y regularly killing them on
provocative pretexts and maintains a criminal silence on the u of Jammu Kashmir and still refuses to fix a frame for the withdrawal of democratically terror forces from Kashmir and let the remaining Kashmiris live in peace.

Terrorism and Shooting medal

When an Indian got a gold medal for shooting in Olympics the Indian nation and its essentially anti-Muslim media highlighted it as the most important event of India since 1947 publishing his larger than size photographs. But Shooting is the skill required for terrorist activities and Indians praising the medal for shooting has in fact exposed Indian mind-set for terrorist methods.

Military and Diplomacy

Even when diplomacy is being preferred by many states to resolve their mutual disputes, India still tries military option to quell the freedom struggle of Kashmiris.

While India believes that military solution is a must for Kashmir, it keeps telling Sri Lanka that there is no military solution to Lankan Indians fighting for a separate state for themselves to be aligned with Indian in due course. No one questions as Indian is determinedly pursuing military solution to Kashmir issue killing innocent Kashmiri Muslims day in ad day out as the USA, EU and UNSC watch the devastating show, perhaps, getting some thing out of India in exchange for their patience in the case of Kashmir genocide.

Indian Greatness and cheap tactics in Kashmir

Indian media have successfully assisted the Indian rulers on payment-cum-favors basis by creating a large section of pseudo-patriotic forces imbibing vague sentimentalism and hollow emotionalism. This fascist group basically of Hindus goes on rampage against any differing views appearing in any newspaper in any part of the world. The Indian official missions abroad are infested with such notorious group and they see nothing appears in press against “great” India .

They shamelessly pressure the editors to show “great India ” only in multi-colors hiding the hidden agenda, to project Muslims in bad colors only and not to highlight the nefarious actions of both governments and media. Accordingly, only Indian Muslims and Kashmiris should be targeted for tireless attack by branding them as “terrorists” and publishing photographs that irritate Muslims and terrorize the Hindus. Hence when a Hindu is killed by “terrorists”, the select photographs portray the blood in deep colors and body in ugly shapes, but when a Muslim is killed even by a thief or military or police no photograph should be published. That is the nature of Indian democracy and secularism.

In Jammu Kashmir, for instance, Hindus are projected as the sufferers and the Muslims who were killed recently in Muzaffarabad and Srinagar because of the illegal Hindu land deal. The whole Indian idea is to make even the Muslims support the cause of Hindus and defame the Kashmiri Muslims. In fact a few self-centered Muslims who aim at awards of the state and central government for their “contributions” have not supported the Kashmiri Muslims’ cause. That is shame even for Islam which they belong to, let alone Muslims and Kashmiris. Like the pro-Indian elements do, these journalists are also keen to make maximum use of the Kashmir tragedies to make a good living and seek favor as and privileges, including awards. They even shamelessly argue secularism is the business of Muslims alone and not the Hindus who “owns” entire India . But Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris and India has no business to occupy it illegally. Indian leades should decide to let Kashmir become an independent nation before it ceebrates is next Republic day falling Janyuary 26.

(The Writer is a Research Scholar, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi)
- Sri Lanka Guardian