It is important to ensure people’s safety

-Virekesari Editorial

(August 24, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) UN HQ has expressed worry that there is scarcity for relief aid since 1000’s of families have been displaced due to the war climate in the North. It has also appealed that displaced people should be protected. The reports reveal that thousands of families have been displaced in the north.

Meanwhile, it is reported that one and a half year old child was killed and 18 others were injured including Mulalitheevu district GA as a result of a shell attack. Shell attacks have been in Mullaitheevu hospital, GA’s official residence and hospital quarters. The patients and people were under attacks.
It was also reported that students who were sitting the exams were also unable to prepare themselves for the exam, since the war is intensified and the people are displaced fearing for their lives. Even though, it is stressed that lives of civilians should be protected when ever there is war, there is no concern for them or their safety.

Meanwhile, there is request that the hospital areas should be declared as a war free zone.

Above all, ensuring the safety of the people and taking step to ensure that they get their basic facilities is important. If not, people have to face sufferings and crises!

(An English translation of the Editorial in Virakesari, a Tamil daily, based in Colombo.)
- Sri Lanka Guardian