On Bruce Fein Episode: Carrion Bird Flies Again?

by Jayantha Gnanakone

(August 05, Los Angeles, Sri Lanka Guardian) This is to inform all concerned that Bruce Fein the former attorney for Tamils For Justice who claims to have resigned from his responsibilities and duties as attorney for the T4J, after his Toronto trip or more like during the Toronto trip, and who joined Justice For Thamils led by son of the late Joseph Pararajasingam and Mrs Sugunam Pararajasingam of Toronto, Subakanthan Pararajasingam, and T4J representative Bavan Sriskandarajah and others in hiding, has once again bailed out or as we call in aviation terms " Pulled the ejection button".

He has left Tamils For Justice, Justice For Thamils after a very short duration and big collection of cash and checks according to some, has today joined another group led by soft ware engineer from Bethesda Muthuthamby Sreetharan and others in hiding, Tamils Against Genocide.

This is really getting bizarre, and difficult to explain Bruce Fein's behavior and conduct if this email distributed by Paul Crossette and other Tamils in the USA is factually correct. The parties distributing the email are well known to T4J and the undersigned and there is no reason for any foul play.

It is 50 days since Bruce Fein left Tamils For Justice and we all know what he has done for the Tamils since then. A deafening silence except soliciting funds from Tamils in Toronto and Bethesda. Financially speaking the Tamils For Justice considers the departure of Bruce Fein as attorney from T4J simply as a blessing in disguise, since we have saved $50,000 dollars in legal fees, although we have incurred other legal fees already in protecting our fundamental rights, intellectual property, legal property, and other assets. With tomorrow it would be $51,000 dollars and counting.

However, the goals and objectives has received a setback and incurred delays, and we can see others plagiarizing the "brain child" and information of Tamils For Justice, and so is Bruce Fein. He knew more about Burkina Faso in Africa than Sri Lanka when I first spoke to him last September, and has come a long way.

For the first time some fools are talking about Genocide and US Courts which are not really competent in dealing with such issues on civil or criminal litigation using the services of constitutional attorneys. Nnevertheless, the question is whether TAG, obviously concerned about Genocide seems to be wanting to engage in litigation in US courts using Bruce Fein using Tamil money, is frightening. First and foremost does Bruce Fein have a signed agreement with TAG and how much fees he is charging the Tamils is the main concerned Tamils For Justice will be investigating henceforth. Litigation in USA is very expensive if any Tamils are aware what litigation costs are in the USA. The litigation costs need to be weighed in accurately by experts before the Tamils taken for another ride by Sreethran connected charities like TRO, WTCC and others.

In what way the Tamil Net is compromising it's neutrality is what concerns many Tamils who are aware of who controls the purses and editorials worries Tamils For Justice investigators as well.

Tamils also worry whether Bruce Fein's agreement does not end up like what he drafted for the Sinhalese "FOSUS", and Justice For Thamils, and the fund raisers her did in'
Bethesda on June 28th at the residence of Sreethran, when many Tamils were persuaded by Sreethran to write checks. TRO representative from Los Angeles Professor Nanda Ganeshan even flew out to Washington meet Bruce Fein for the first time, singing "hosannas" of "How Great Thou Art" Bruce Fein, whenfor the previous 8 months he worked and sabotaged the T4J project with 3 dozen other Tamils. There are other Tamils like this vertically challenged professor, and other TRO representatives and collectors flew out to familiarize themselves with Bruce Fein for future fund raising TRO/WTCC/WTM style. Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, New York, New Jersey were prominent participants and contributors to that even. At least one of the organizers are under federal investigations which Bruce Fein is aware of under the WTCC and WTM cases, and T4J refused those involved to be participating on the T4J project previously.

At least one thing good Bruce Fein has done to the chief organizer of Justice For Thamils in Toronto. Through the Tamil manager, Bruce Fein found a job for him at the Radisson Hotel where he stayed and had one meeting in Toronto. The "guy" has started training already, in Toronto, and cannot be refered to as the unemployed Tamil anymore, although the other adjectives will still stick, including the American version of "Desperate Housewives" opposite, aka "Desperate Husbands".

Tamils For Justice has repeatedly called for accurate monthly accounts from both Bruce Fein and Bavan Sriskandarajah, including the Toronto trip collection. Unfortunately
both have refused without any valid reason being provided. Bruce Fein has provided some vague accounts to the journalist at Toronto Star which we find rather strange, and we all wait with anxiously when Toronto Star would publish their report, once all their investigations are over soon. Thereafter Tamils For Justice and their attorneys would comment on such accounting records. Until then what T4J is aware is that Toronto collections are 95% cash as confirmed by both T4J's attorney Bruce Fein and representative Bavan Sriskandarajah.

Tamils For Justice has a lot of media contacts, and If Paul Crossete or Sreetharan wants such contacts in the name of Tamils and Justice we would arrange such journalist to interview Bruce Fein and provide excellent coverage and exposure as previously done in Toronto, and on last Friday with the leading Indian journalist. However Bruce Fein and Sreethran should respect the journalist and not have Sreetharan's young son "minding Fein", during the interview and seated with Bruce Fein, during the entire interview. That is rather insulting.

Bruce Fein also should respond to Sri Lanka Guardian's questions 2 weeks ago, similar
to how Tamils For Justice assisted Mr. Fein to respond to Mr. K T Rajasingam's 25 questions.

Soon the Foreign Minster would be responding to questions regading Ali Zaheer Mowlana's appointment, in Washington despite his and his wife's questionable conduct on immigration matters in the USA, and Bruce Fein's former neigbor - immigration attorney Sena Basanayake.

It will be embarassing all around. Tamils For Justice will release the letter written by Bruce Fein as attorney for Tamils For Justice to the FBI some time ago, on immigration related matters with Sri Lankan Embassy.

Those who compare Sudan's dictator, and Serbia's former leader with US citizen Gotabaya Rajapakse the defense secretary including Tamils Against Genocide, need their head examined, and that group needs some accelerated "history lessons" like the new law student Muthuthamby Sreetharan. In US courts little knowledge on matters where real expertise is required is rather dangerous.

US courts does not bother about world opinion or international climate and can only deal with the interpretations of the US law on US citizens for alleged crimes in foreign lands. (Google Tamils For Justice:)

Attorneys court experience, T4J means "real and actual" court experience should be a criteria for any attorney. That does not exclude our very own Bruce (aka Brutus) Fein.
No one should mislead the Tamil diaspora, nor take their money under false pretenses.

Before Paul Crossete, TAG, or Sreetharan contacts the media Tamils need to know the terms of referance, terms and conditions of engagement of Bruce Fein. Knowing the past track record of Bruce Fein, and his recent behavior and conduct in the past 6 weeks T4J calls on TAG, Paul Crossete, and Sreetharan to fully disclose all facts and figures on this arrangement with Tamils For Justice's former attorney.

Bruce Fein also need to return all property of T4J, and cannot use any information obtained in confidence from T4J or it's founder. Bruce fein also needs to follow the rules, code of ethics, morals as established by the American bar Association not only to the letter of the law but to the spirit of the law. That would apply to the new poachers, Carrion birds, (Mala perathayas), and TAG as they would be made a party to the conflict of attorney-client issues between Bruce Fein and Tamils For Justice who are also following the redefined goals and objectives with or without Bruce Fein. There is no
"free ride" in life and law, and that too applies to TAG and Bruce Fein.

Tamils also need to see the full goals and objectives of TAG, and all those who are hiding behind the curtain like some cowards, given the fact that many proscribed organizers have already been associated with Bruce Fein in the past 6 weeks. Once we know more about this Paul Crossete Tamils would be informed.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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