Surge in civilian unrest against LTTE: Tigers resort to 'Humanitarian Catastrophe'

(September 01, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A surge of civilian unrest against LTTE is imminent informed sources at Wanni said citing separate incidents reported from the non-liberated Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu districts recently. The news comes in the midst of a probable fall of the LTTE dictatorship in the Northern and Wanni region following the continuation of humanitarian operations by the armed forces.

The situation at Wanni has already reached its 'critical mass' and the LTTE leadership is shaken by the surge of anti-LTTE sentiments among the Tamil community. The news of the military victories against LTTE in the battle fronts has been reaching the domestic households in Wanni and North despite desperate efforts by the LTTE to restrict flow of information in the region. The LTTE leadership has blamed the NGO and INGO activists in the area and also sent dire warnings to the GA's for not doing enough to convince the outer world through propaganda of 'hardships caused to civilians due the military operations'.

The modus operandi of the LTTE in no revelation of its setbacks to the world, though some under the tiger payroll in Colombo are making loud claims on 'Humanity' and 'rights' following the scripts written by their terror masters. With the necessity not to reveal the identity of the sources for their own safety from terror, makes a revelation of the dark world under LTTE tyranny and the new breed of 'freedom seekers' challenging the tigers in its own den.

Attacks at LTTE outposts in Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu by unidentified gunmen have caused relentless fear in the tiger inner circles who despite suspecting military infiltrations are now bamboozled with a new form of shadow fighters within. Leaflets were also been distributed among several coastal localities in Kilinochchi a fortnight ago requesting civilians to stand against LTTE, who are now relying on subtle tactics of using civilians as human shields to reverse a sudden military assault on the tiger heartland.

Several LTTE foot patrols have also come under sudden small arms attacks according to information received, while few other tractors transporting LTTE were reported damaged following similar attacks in the district of Kilinochchi causing over a dozen of LTTE fatalities. These shadow fighters might be those who were forced to fight against the security forces and later rebelled against the outfit, demoralized due to the lack of commitment from its leadership in Wanni, defence officials state.

Civilians stand against LTTE:

LTTE terrorists who went to hand over the body of a youth cadre were assaulted by the relatives and neighbours at Seelan-kudiyirippu, a fishing locality in Mullaittivu recently, reliable sources said. The terrorists were chased away by the civilians with clubs and stones, who cursed the LTTE for preying on their young despite safe havens for the leaderships' children.

Similar attacks on LTTE operatives nominated to attend funerals were reported from several other locations in the Mullaittivu district itself. Our sources said that much more is expected to come as the once portrayed 'invincible' outfit is running out of fire power to resist the intensifying military onslaughts and the increasing civilian revulsion.

People are no longer ready to endure LTTE cruelty as they have identified this as a movement of 'revival or never' against the LTTE tyranny, the sources said.

Earlier, our informed sources revealed that the LTTE has commenced armed training for both children and elderly in Wanni, so as to use them as cannon fodder of the outfit to drag multiple criticisms against any form of retaliation by the military. This strategy is well noticed as the terrorists have fled its most important administrative townships at Thunukkai, Uyilankulama and Mulankavil with a large numbers of civilians along with its artillery batteries source said.

People have also assaulted 2 LTTE terrorists and damaged an office building of the outfit at Kattadi-vayar area in Mullaittivu, after the terrorists arrived at the village to handover bodies of two child conscripts killed in confrontation with security forces. People have also refused accepting the LTTE funeral honours and one mother who has openly criticized the LTTE was beaten by its operatives in the presence of a large gathering our sources reveal. Her son was forcibly abducted by LTTE and reportedly killed during fighting in the Wanni battlefront.

LTTE death squads to hunt:

Meanwhile, the LTTE has sent death squads to kill those who defy their orders irrespective of the young and elderly inWanni. A furious youth who resisted forced LTTE conscription following his abduction from home, has reportedly assaulted his abductors and consumed poison fearing reprisal from the outfit.

According to latest information, LTTE has also sent down small groups of terrorists to cut-off the Kokavil- Thunukkai road, restricting the exodus of IDPs into liberated areas. The tiger leadership has given clear instructions to eliminate any individual or group who are defying their orders and reaching government controlled areas, informed sources said.

The terrorist outfit has also established a torture centre at Ternakandal area, Kilinochchi with a dozen of torture cells and underground bunkers to imprison and confine those captured while fleeing the non-liberated region. The captured people will be used as forced labour in the construction of bunkers and trenches and some others will be used as human shields along the routes frequented by its leadership it is learnt.

It is no surprise that the LTTE is engineering a humanitarian catastrophe and time has come for all responsible to urge and pressurise the outfit to make immediate arrangements for the safe access of these people into the liberated zones. This is what they did in the fall of Madhu, and this is the only 'know-how' approach of the organisation (LTTE), defence observers state.
- Sri Lanka Guardian