TNA welcomes the signing of the CEPA with India

(August 07, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Tamil National Alliance has expresses its support for the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership with India. TNA leader R.Sampanthan has called upon the government to sign the CEPA despite the opposition. TNA leader R.Sampanthan, speaking on an adjournment motion in the House, told that the leaders in Sri Lanka want neither peace nor development and that is why they oppose the signing of the CEPA with India.

"The government of Sri Lanka should not miss this opportunity of signing of the CEPA with India for it can increase job opportunities to our youths. The government must disregard the dissent and proceed with the signing of the agreement. Due to the meaningless and baseless allegations made against India, our country has been missing a number of opportunities. The opposition to the CEPA is meaningless and childish." - Sampanthan argued.

"Both sides will benefit by this agreement, while Sri Lanka will get more benefits. The government should not be subdued by forces that don't want peace or economic development in this country. In fact, CEPA should have been signed between the government of India and the GOSL, while the Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh was in Sri Lanka to participate at the SARRC summit. Our country can prosper only if it holds hands with economically developed countries", Sampanthan explained.
- Sri Lanka Guardian