(September 04, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Pro LTTE media, after starving for days without war news ended the trend yesterday by grossly exaggerating SLA casualty details in Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulama. The following headline is from Pro LTTE Tamilnet.com; "Tigers locate 29 SLA bodies, 75 SLA killed, 100 wounded in Vanni". The actual SLA casualty figures are nowhere near what this report indicates.

The Sri Lanka Army has lost 15 soldiers in the fighting while 32 more received injuries. Tigers have captured the bodies of 7 soldiers. 17 LTTE fighters are confirmed killed and over 60 have been wounded. The SLA operations to the north of Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulam continue despite heavy LTTE resistance and desperate counterattacks. (DN)

- Sri Lanka Guardian