Government must respect people’s feelings!

– Virakesari Editorial

(September 15, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) 2, 40,000 people belonging to 65, 893 families have been displaced following the military operations towards Wanni. Humanitarian service is rendered to these people in distress by non governmental organizations.

The people, who are trapped between the two warring combatants, are men, women and children in a sorry plight. It is in this juncture that the NGO’s are asked to leave.

International organizations have responded unfavourably strongly to this order by the government. Amnesty International has pointed out that such a withdrawal can place the civilians at a great risk.

They insist that if the government sends out a directive for the exit of the NGO’s, then the government must accept responsibility and accountability for humanitarian services to the civilian population.

This order is unfair and unacceptable at this hour of distress, when people are displaced, when they are trapped between the combatants, when there is a human tragedy and when their needs are great and urgent.

One wonders to what extent this “ war for humanitarian mission” can help the Tamil people. But, the Tamil people do not feel that it will be in their interest.

The civilian population in the Vanni has staged protests against the pull out by the UN agencies. The government must respect the feelings of the people.

(An English translation of the Editorial in Virakesari, a Tamil daily, based in Colombo.)
- Sri Lanka Guardian