LTTE calls on Tamils to unite and fight

(September 03,Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka Guardian) LTTE leaders have called for Tamils living in Vanni to unite against the Sri Lankan forces and to fight.

B Nadesan, the head of LTTE political wing, K. V. Balakumaran, a senior and prominent member of LTTE and Thamilini, the LTTE Women's Wing Political Head made the call at a public rally in Kilinochchi.

Nadesan in his speech described how support of Tamil people has transformed the liberation struggle over the years and declared that Tamils should join forces to provide a powerful response to the Sri Lankan government’s military aggression.

“Tamil people must bring together all their strength to provide a powerful response to the Sri Lankan government.” Nadesan said.

Citing peoples support for the liberation movement over the years Nadesan said: “At every key phase of our liberation struggle, people power has been instrumental in its development and growth.”

He referred to the contribution made by the Tamil people during the successful attack on Mullaithivu military complex in 1996, LTTE’s resistance to Jeyasikuru military campaign during 1997 and 1998 and Unceasing Waves 3 operations in 1999 in his speech.

“For 30 years the Tamil liberation movement has fought the Sri Lankan military which has the support of superpowers. History teaches us that no superpower can suppress a liberation struggle with people power.”

Referring to Indian National Security Advisor, M.K Narayan’s comments to The New Strait Times newspaper, Nadesan said: “The Indian Defence Advisor M K Narayan has stated that the LTTE cannot be defeated as long as they have people support. This is a good example.”

“The Tamil liberation movement and the Tamil people cannot be separated. The people and LTTE are one and the same.”

“As long as the people unite behind the Tamil liberation movement, no power can destroy us.”

Commenting on the current military strategy of Sri Lanka he said: “The Sri Lankan forces are weak and have overstretched themselves. The aggressive recruitment that’s going on the south is a good indication of this.”

“A Sinhala politician recently said ‘the Sri Lankan forces are walking into a LTTE trap.’ They are walking into a trap when they are weak. Our people must join hands as Makkal Padai (Peoples’ forces) to fight them.”

“The Sinhala government and its forces are bent on wiping out the Tamils. This is the time to respond. If we want to put a stop to the Sinhala atrocities, as in the past, our people must come together and join forces.”

K V Balakumaran, senior member of the LTTE, speaking at the rally said: Our freedom struggle is moving forward, overcoming obstacles. Liberation struggles across the globe have made great sacrifices to win freedom. Our struggle is also moving forward with great sacrifices.”

“Our enemy has launched a brutal attack against our people. However our movement will give an apt response soon.”

“In the past, Makkal Padai has been key to achieving great victories. All liberation struggles with peoples participation have succeeded.” he added.

Thamilini, LTTE Women's Wing Political Head in her speech said the Tamils were at a decisive stage on their long liberation struggle.

“Today Tamil people have been forcibly displaced and are facing immeasurable suffering. Displacement is not new to Tamils. However the difficulties they are facing is horrifying.” said Thamilini.

“If our people want to return their land, the occupied areas should be liberated and the enemy should be defeated. All Tamils should prepare for this.”

“Sri Lanka is pouring in all its resources into its war effort. Sinhala forces are willing to do anything in this war against the Tamils.”

“Only fighting back will save Tamil lives. We must prepare for this. All Tamils must stand together to inflict pain to the enemy who are unleashed suffering on our people.” she declared.
- Sri Lanka Guardian