People must cooperate to prevent violent and criminal acts in the North

(September 27, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Killings, robberies and Kasippu sale are on the rise in Vadamarachi in the Karavetti, Nelliadi areas. This is a very sad situation. Only with the cooperation of the people of that area can these violent and criminal activities be controlled. The Grama Sevakas’s of these areas also must participate and give their full cooperation to stop the criminal activities, said the Point Pedro Judge K. Ariyanayagam, while speaking at a meeting at the Karavetti Pradesya Secretariat, regarding the prevention of violent and criminal activities in Vadamarachi.

He went on to say that under no circumstances should the taverns be opened after 6:30 pm. If the taverns were opened after 6:30 pm, then this would encourage the criminals. At this meeting, he appealed the taverns to take into consideration the plight of the civilians and close the Taverns by 6:30 pm for the safety of the public. Therefore he asked for the cooperation of each and everyone to put an end to these violent crimes in Vadamarachi.
- Sri Lanka Guardian