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TNA parliamentarian jockeying for funds for the LTTE

(September 29, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The LTTE front, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian for Jaffna, Kuthirai (horse) S Kajendran is said to be engaged in a marathon jockeying program to raise funds for the LTTE in London. The said MP who is currently touring the UK is meeting groups of pro LTTE persons in various locations.

According to sources, he had met groups of Tamil businessmen and doctors and asked them to somehow or other fund the LTTE for them to continue with their activities against the government.

He is said to be having meetings with several Tamils individually and in groups in various locations in London and said to have focussed on the fund raising efforts for the LTTE.

TNA parliamentarians are under the direct control of the LTTE and have not spoken or campaigned about the human rights violations of the LTTE against its own people. The LTTE too mistrust them and have not engaged them in any peace talks with the government in the past.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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