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Fake Sri Lankan refugee building Pizza empire in Canada

by a special correspondent from Canada

(October 31, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) A fake Sri Lankan refugee who actually from Tamilnadu, an open fund raiser for LTTE is building an empire in Canada with the help from money collected for a housing project to be built in Sri Lanka. According to reliable source this now Canadian Sakvithi is planning to open a large Pizza shop in Mississauga, Ontario on Saturday, November 1st, and already purchased a million Dollar house in Oakville from the donors’ money. In order to acquire a zoning permit for his Pizza Shop Sakvithi had asked help from a seniors’ association in Mississauga and according to our source zoning permit also acquired by bribing to a local representative.

The father of this Sakvithi a well known smuggler between Sri Lanka and India in those days; and had two families. One in Tamil Nadu and other in Velvetiturai. This Sakvithi was born to Indian mother lived in India and came to Canada as a fake Sri Lankan Tamil refugee. In June 2007 he started a huge project to build 250 houses for IDPs in Manner district in Sri Lanka. But no such project was ever done in that area and part of the money has gone to LTTE and rest to his own pocket. Canadian officials are vigilant of this Sakvithi and hopefully they will catch him before he escape to his own country India.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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