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UNP Leadership is Suffering from Amnesia

by S. Hewage

(October 06, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The UNP never learns a lesson after so many people have been killed by the LTTE. The latest is Major General (Rtd.) Janaka Prerea. As usual, the UNP is blaming the government. They never blame the LTTE for any crime no matter what. The UNP leadership is afraid of losing Tamil support in the future elections. It is this kind of idiotic behavior of the UNP that has caused so much of death and destruction for the country, and the UNP itself. For once, they never supported the armed forces to eliminate terrorists hoping the LTTE will pay back with a block of vote. Is it possible for them to work together with the government to eliminate this scourge of terrorism for the last time? No, they cannot because they are profoundly greedy. Until the party gets a more enlightened leader, they will have no future.

Tissa Attanayake, as usual, beating the wrong bush, in order to avoid being united against the terrorists. Why don’t they understand that the LTTE terrorists have no permanent friends, only permanent goal: an eelam. They will kill anyone if its suit their goal. The UNP is running after a mirage hoping that the party’s covert “sympathy” for the LTTE terrorists will bear fruits, which will not happen. In the mean time, Ranil Wickremasinghe, Tissa Attanayake, Jayalath Jayawardane will sacrifice anyone for the bloodthirsty murderer to save its leader. I personally believe that.

Janaka Perera, who was one of the most popular war-hero, was misled by the UNP leadreship as he came forward to save the UNP leadership from the internal power struggle. When armed forces captured Thoppigala, UNP leadership said they have captured a useless jungle, and went on to challenge the government and the armed forces to go and capture Kilinochchi if possible. Today armed forces are in the vicinity of Kilinochchi. UNP has no vision now. UNP leadership is becoming a cancer not only to his party but also to the entire country as here he has tried to survive politically using a war hero, who is an all time target of LTTE. In recent weeks our brave soldiers have been marching forward to remove the LTTE cancer from our country and the masses is praying at temples for their lives. Has anyone heard a single word of encouragements from the UNP leadership, other than constant criticisms and insults? It is high time that a patriotic man or a woman should come forward and take the leadership of this good old political party for the sake of our motherland.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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