Who Triggered Racism in Sri Lanka?

“Historically, Tamil Nadu with its superior numbers and countless invasions of the Island were unable to conquer and subjugate the Sinhala race.”

by Mahinda Weerasinghe

(November 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Saner Tamil voices at last are being raised over the net. It’s comforting to hear from more balanced democratic forces as to how such destructive ethnic divisions emerged in the mid fifties. Democratic minded individuals would wish to bring about an equitable reunion of the communities and bring back sanity to the bleeding nation.

Indeed such writers seek a pluralistic society. For they realise that most ethnic groups have their moments of madness, but feel it is time to move on. Sinhalese Buddhists should reach out to our Hindu brethren, who have suffered for so long so they get a grace period for healing their wounds.

In this connection Sebastian Rasalingam piece ‘How "first-class" Tamils promoted the genocide of the less-fortunate Tamils of Sri Lanka’ gives us an insight as to what prompted the breakdown of trust by the two ethnic groups. (External Link)

Most Sri Lankans appreciated his balanced assessment of the period.

He informs ‘Going back to 1969, we Tamils had many doctors, accountants, civil servants and other professionals in high places. Far more than in direct proportion to the circa 10% population of Tamils.’

Knowledgeable Sinhalese were not ignorant of such facts, and accepted it as a ground reality. In fact by the fifties, we find the Sinhalese were termed as ‘modayas’ and supposed to be a ‘lazy lot’. Not that the myth has any validity, but after ages of colonial manipulation and suppression, they have been totally pacified.

Indeed by the 60s and 70s the population was growing and materialism was making headway in Lanka. Sinhalese naturally, were also keen to get a piece of the action.

So they too were actively seeking state jobs and university places. Suddenly Jaffna Tamils faced a new threat. They found Sinhalese intruding on to their preserve to compete for such ‘employment for life’ positions in the state. Come independence they lost their prime helper; the white coloniser, who with his ‘divide and rule’ policy has been destabilising the Asian and African continent for ages. Indeed this favouring of one group at the expense of others was not solely directed towards Sinhalese; but other minorities as well, such as the Muslims, Burghers and Malays. This was the standard ploy in all of their colonies.

Then with S.W.R.D.Bandaranayake’s ‘Sinhalese, in 24 hours’ pronouncement, the fuse was lit for a wider conflagration. Sadly the colourful Burghers feeling that they were loosing out, left the Lankan shore in doves. The Malays and the Indian Tamils were not given much consideration, hence they stagnated. Only the Muslims have had cleverer leaders; for they encouraged their constituents to learn Sinhala, English and Tamil.

Rasalingam while presenting solid facts, and fingering the racist angle of the Tamil leaders and their intrigues, does not dig deep enough to make clear as to what was the real aim for this racial bogy which was wrought by such leaders.

Though he accuses the Tamil politicians such as S. J. V. Chelvanayagam, G. G. Ponnambalam and Naganathan for initiating racial politics, he does not pose the vital question. Why they did do what they did, and what was the ulterior motive.

Rasalingam avoids elaborating the Sri Lankan Tamils’ attitude towards Indian Tamils. And above all, glosses over the ‘caste’ system in the Tamil psyche.

In order to get a sharper picture we should posed the central question! What was the background of these leaders during the early post independence years, and what was their support base?

Then we discover that as a rule they were Christians, certainly with some exceptions such as G.G.P. But we find that most G.G.P’s relatives were Catholics and his power base was the Catholic Church. Can we find a single truly Hindu Tamil political leader in the political horizon all those years? Negative! When one finds an answer to this central query then we are able to isolate who was pulling the strings covertly.

Indeed racial harmony and prosperity in the Island ran counter to the self interest of the Catholic Church. Hence this organisation has conspired to destabilise the country and create racial disharmony in order to keep the country backward. Poor people need a Judeo Christen God more than the rich. These individuals would be more susceptible to the proselytizing process of this creed, and thus keeping a tight grip of the Church power.

Damnnest thing is the Jaffna Tamils embraced white man’s religion. Was ready and willing to speak his lingo, to dress up like him and ape him. He was ready and willing to help the colonial master rape the colonised nations. But speaking Sinhalese seems to have left a bad taste in his mouth.

So what was the enigma behind Northern Tamil’s reluctance to co-exist in a pluralistic society in Lanka?

Comically enough, though they embraced the Catholic creed and dropped all positive tenants of the great Hindu creed, they never freed themselves of its most debasing legacy. Indeed we find it was the ‘caste’ system which was the undoing of the Hindu culture. And this has been exploited by the Catholic Church deliberately.

But how in the world did such an heirloom end up as a part of the Catholic dogma one is bound to query? Weird as it may sound, Jaffna Catholics clinged on this ‘caste’ and nurtured it most avidly. One has only to browse through the matrimonial announcements in any issue of the Sunday observer, and it illustrates their mental get up. Parents seeking a marriage partner for their son or daughter it is announced, ‘…must be a Catholic and be of such and such a caste’. Any outsider would marvel and be of the opinion … so is it thus with this Catholic God’s domain also, that individuals are grouped together not only along tribal lines but segregated along ‘castes’ ones as well. So are we to understand then that such ghettos in heaven are part and parcel of the catholic lethargy.

Indeed though the Sri Lankan Tamils were rigidly divided along the ‘castes’ lines, they were united by one overriding factor; that of non integration with the Indian plantation Tamil. For, what ever the ‘caste’ a Jaffna man belongs to, and as a rule he transgressed this taboo at his own peril, still he subscribed to this vital unwritten law; kept Indian Tamil plantation workers out of the Northern Jaffna peninsula. Heaven forbid that a Sri Lankan Tamil seek an Indian Plantation Tamil’s hand in marriage. Indeed they wouldn’t tolerate any Indian plantation workers to grace their house and certainly wouldn’t want them as their relatives. In fact it’s preferable to be a suicide bomber rather than marry an Indian plantation Tamil.

Tamil Nadu politicians are presently agitated by the plight of the Lankan Tamils. If they are aware of the Catholics attitude to Indian Tamils, they would quickly change their mind. In which case they would become the biggest supporters of the Sri Lankan army. On the contrary Tamil Nadu people should know; it’s the Sinhalese Buddhist villagers that hobnob with the plantation Tamils and accept them as part and parcel of their milieu in the hill country.

For centuries we find this ‘caste’ flaw strategically exploited by the Church. Naturally one may query, but why must the Catholic Church cultivate this despicable segregation, when it was not compatible with the Catholic God’s injunctions? But in fact it was nursed due to a valuable reason. Such divisions were useful for Church’s own ‘divide and rule’ strategy.

What all this boils down to is; Catholic Church had an insidious covert agenda. And destruction of the Sinhalese Buddhist culture was their grand design. For not only these Buddhist heathens were non believers of the one true God, but it also gave them an inferiority complex.

Due to same, they started spreading bizarre stories that the Sinhalese Buddhist being ‘Chauvinists’ starting the early 80s in the west European media. And they condemned this ‘unpalatable fundamentalists Buddhism’ of the Sinhalese.

One is bound to query, so what were the symptoms of the ‘Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinism’? Did they have an inquisition? Did they burn witches? Did they leave their shores on holy wars to kill none Buddhist? Indeed did they coerce these Judeo Christian sects to embrace their unique Buddhist ‘truths’? Did they conspire to eradicate the Jaffna Tamils in Sri Lanka as the Catholic Church did to the Jews and other minorities through their pogroms in Europe?

Catholic Church’s bloodied hand and their covert holy war policy of targeting the Buddhist and the Hindu Heathens is becoming transparent with each passing date. They have catalysed a Buddhist Hindu conflict; thus keeping the country backward and destabilised. For if the Hindus and the Buddhist were well off, as they do in Singapore, they wouldn’t succumb to such Catholic propaganda. So through this none existing ‘ethnic conflict' and that ‘Tamils are being discriminated’ ploy, they have hoodwinked the Hindus in order to use them as cannon fodder for a covert holy war. For indeed according to Sebastian’s essay, the Tamils have been fairing much better than the Sinhalese in the island, before this ‘racial genii’ was let out of the bottle.

On the contrary, we find it was the Catholic Church which systematically discriminated the Hindus and destroyed their great culture. For even today we notice that the Buddhist visits the Hindu temples and worship Hindu Gods. For Buddhists and Hindus have no agenda of converting each other.

The enigma was, though they have put so much time and effort to expunge this intolerable Buddhist hearsay, it miraculously always bounced back.

Not that the ‘caste’ thing has not rubbed off the Sinhalese Buddhist, for it had. But the quandary is, with all of its manipulations, they were still unable to erase this heathen Buddhist ‘cult’ from the Island.

Historically, Tamil Nadu with its superior numbers and countless invasions of the Island were unable to conquer and subjugate the Sinhala race.

In time the white colonialist extended Jaffna Tamil Catholics every aid to eradicate the Buddhist culture. Still this entrenched ‘chauvinistic’ Buddhist ‘cult’ would never lie down and die.

In return for services rendered, to the white man in time gave him a back seat in the colonial administration. Jaffna Catholics in return helped the white man in his rape of the colonised nations. In fact white man’s main instruments were converted people in their exploitation of Indian Tamils, as coolies. We find Tamils rewarded for services rendered to the white man; for they have gained control of Fiji, Madagascar and Mauritius. Yet the most precious possession, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, still remains elusive to them.

In modern times Norwegian Christians (note; not the Norwegian people as a whole) has come to the aid of the racist Catholic terrorist. They were under the impression that the ripe fruit of Sri Lanka would readily fall onto Tamils lap through their machinations. Norwegian help organised by Christian covert actors such as that ordained priest, Bondevik, has bought over, all the Quislings in the government to help them hoodwink the Sinhalese Buddhist. By 2002 everything was in place for the fruit to fall onto their lap thus making it another Kosovo. But due to the overreach of that megalomaniac mass murderer Pabhakaran, it slipped through their fingers again.

No wonder the Jaffna Catholics harbour an inferiority complex.

Can I validate all what I have stated above? Indeed now we have corroboration for this exclusive theory. For suddenly evidence has come from an unexpected source
Stephen Long brings to our attention a unique peace of valuable information, which he has stumbled upon. He explains in: Tamil Nadu and the LTTE (Mon, 2008-10-20 Asian tribune)

‘An exclusive private meeting that was held in the early 1980’s in Sacramento, California, has recently come to my attention. This gathering of approximately five hundred wealthy, influential Tamil expatriates from around the world charted the course for the LTTE, and developed a strategic plan for using it as a vehicle for establishing a Tamil homeland. The motivation was the fact that there were nearly one hundred million ethnic Tamils scattered throughout the globe, but alas, there was no independent sovereign state they could call their own.’

Note the meeting was held in early 1980s and prior to 1983. Which makes the 1983 event by hindsight, a ‘catalysed’ event?

Indeed catalysed by whom?

Stephen Long without really grasping its wider implications informs: ‘Religion played its part in this decision as well. The Catholic Church had long been the religion of many of the Jaffna Tamils, and a large percentage of the priesthood was made up of men of Tamil origin. This elite group in Sacramento knew they could get support from this ecclesiastical organization if they promised some sort of reciprocity as part of their end game. Catholic Church history is filled with similar arrangements that closely mirror this model, and many of the members of the Tamil Diaspora were now assimilated Christians in their new countries. Fundamental Christianity also played a part in this developing drama, but at a later date with its marauding missionaries.’

I have always suspected that the LTTE is a Tamil Catholic baby all along. While Prabhakaren poses off as Hindu, but in reality he is really a Catholic in disguise. For an example his sons name is Charles Anthony!

Now if we re-evaluate the 1983 episode keeping such new findings in the back of our head, we are in for a shock.

The main question the Sri Lankans should pose in this connection is who pressurised the old fox (J.R.Jayewardene) to bring the bodies of the 13 dead soldiers to Colombo. Any fool with an iota of brain power knows that, he would be simply committing political Hari Kari by such an act. And everybody agrees that this was the incident which fired the 1983 riots.

If we discover who manipulated Jayewardene to bring these soldiers dead bodies to Colombo, then we know what forces were behind such a putsch as none of the dead soldiers were from Colombo.

Indeed as further evidence I put it to the reader that even before this 1983 catalysed event took place, all of the west European embraceries have been infiltrated by the Jaffna Catholic agents and prepared and waiting for this specific ‘Catalysing’ event: especially the Canadian embassy.

For the Catholics were not departing as refugees to Tamil Nadu, no! They were travelling as jet asylum seekers. Indeed they received their visa without fuss. Used their passport, bought an air ticket and journeyed through the airport like any other traveller and crossed continents to arrive at their new mother country.

Clever minds have put in whole lot of planning for this great exodus; exodus with a singular aim. To generate a Diaspora which would enable them to finance and propagate and pressurise western nations in order to achieve the goal of Tamil Eelam. So this exodus and the 1983 event and Sacramento meeting are inter-connected. And the glue is the Catholic Action.

Stephen Long’s assessment on one point is incorrect. For he informs ‘Tamil expatriates from around the world charted the course for the LTTE, and developed a strategic plan for using it as a vehicle for establishing a Tamil homeland.’ On the contrary the gathering was the brain child of Catholic action. And if we had the list of the gathered delegates, we probably will find that it has been dominated by the Catholic Tamils. All this will be easy enough to establish today. So the Sri Lankans’ should press for a neutral commission so they clear their name from this manipulated event.

Catholic Church’s dream of a Holy Sri Lanka has to be put on hold yet again. Because now the Tamils Hindus has realised that they have been taken for a ride by the Tamil Catholic Church. Hindus are now supporting the Sri Lankan army. Hindus have lived and continue to do so among the Sinhalese all over Sri Lanka for they lack any inferiority complex unlike the Catholics.

In 1987 the Indians met with an unceremonious defeat at the hands of the LTTE. For Rajiv Gandhi did not grasp who was truly behind this terror organisation! If they were to repeat 1987 exercise then it will be the beginning of the break up of India itself. India must now realise, Sri Lanka is not along in this war against Catholic terrorist. It is supported by china, Russia and most people of India. Norwegian Christians and UD are now trying to influence the out come of this conflict through TN, according to the latest reports.

It is time that whole of Sri Lanka and India jointed together and counters the Catholic Holy war in Sri Lanka. Let it not fall pray to this ‘divide and rule policy of the neo-colonial uncle toms.

[The writer is an Author of ‘Mission to Oslo’ ]
- Sri Lanka Guardian