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Christmas Message Mr. Rohitha Bogollagama, Minister of Foreign Affairs

by Rohitha Bogollagama, M.P

(December 24, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) At a time when the Christian world is celebrating Christmas I am indeed happy to send a message to all Christians and Catholics in Sri Lanka who are joining their brethren in celebrating this important event in the Christian calendar.

In recognition of the multi-ethnic and multi-religious social fabric of Sri Lanka, a decision was made by our Government under the leadership of H.E. the President to celebrate, at the state level, at least one major religious event of the four main religions in Sri Lanka.

In keeping with this decision we, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated Christmas for a second consecutive year. All our Missions abroad are also celebrating Christmas in a similar manner which sends a message not only to all Sri Lankans but also to the world at large, the spirit of unity and co-existence that prevails amongst the different communities in Sri Lanka.

The message of Christmas is a message of peace and harmony which is valued and upheld by all religions and indeed by all humanity. It is therefore important to promote peace and understanding between individuals as it leads to a deep sense of solidarity within nations and between nations.

May the spirit of Christmas and its message contribute towards promoting goodwill, fraternity and peace in our country.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone in the Christian community a happy Christmas and let me extend my best wishes for a very happy, prosperous and successful New Year to all.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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