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GA-Mullaithivu laments the plight of the people under her care

(December 31, Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka Guardian) The latest influx of IDPs from Oddusuddan and Keppapulavu are occurring in the Mullaithivu district. Though the IDPs newly arriving bring whatever shelter material they can to put up a temporary shelter, the restrictions on shelter material imposed by the Sri Lankan Government is starkly visible in the new IDP settlement in Puthukudiyiruppu. Most of the newly arrived IDPs say that they have so far not received any assistance from anyone.

Imelda Sukumar, Government Agnent for the Mullaithivu District describing the recent increase in IDPs in her District said that 216, 195 people are displaced in her district. She added that the displaced people are staying in very crowded areas and that the roads are in very poor condition due to the recent floods. People are facing great difficulties even in undertaking short journeys to the shops and schools she said.

She expressed concern that the IDP size is going to get bigger worsening their plight. - Sri Lanka Guardian

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