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"Govt. allocates 600 million to white elephant Mihinair"

(January 01, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) UNP M.P., P. Harrison addressing a meeting at Matale said, the Govt. is holding back even the petrol price relief granted by the Supreme Court on the ground that it needs all those profits for Govt. expenditure . In that case, on what excuse did it allocate Rs.600 million to revive the Mihinair which closed down under a cloud of corruption and unaccountable losses wasting people’s funds? he asked.

The Govt. is covering up its corruption , fiscal bungles, war weaknesses and bankruptcy by talking of the war. Bodies of innocent youths who die in the battlefields are being brought in large numbers to their villages, he bemoaned.

The Govt. is corrupt from the very top to the very bottom and is only cheating the masses, not solving their problems, he added.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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