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Religion is mankind’s biggest mistake

by Rahul Jain

(December 29, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) As a result of my unique upbringing, I am sensitive towards all religions. I am a God-fearing person and for me the medium to reach Him is least significant. My mother is from an orthodox Oswal Jain family, while my father is a Sikh. Having grown up in such a family, I imbibed an urge to focus on similarities rather the dissimilarities of all faiths. I believe that God is one supreme nurturing power that keeps the universe going.

Interestingly, I have evolved from a concise phase of scepticism when I took pride in introducing myself as an atheist. It was a time when I, with a self-imposed authority and out of my ignorance, used to question the faith of other people. But gradually and thankfully, I realised that there is someone above all, whom we may choose to call Ram or Rahim.

This positive change occurred during a visit to a holy shrine, away from the hustle and bustle, which made me feel elated. It was serene and tranquil. At once I felt the presence of God who heals and governs us every moment.

So I hold that in order to succeed professionally as well as personally, one needs to be humble enough to bow in front of Him. But I would like to add that religion is the biggest mistake of mankind. God never wanted to divide us into sects and that is why the colour of our blood is same. The differences are created by the man himself. Today, ironically, the place where we worship Him holds more importance than the deity Himself.

(As told to Fozia Yasin)

— Rahul Jain is a fashion designer
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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