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"SC decision saves people"

(December 23, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) UNP M.P. Palitha Range Bandara referring to the crisis following the Supreme Court (SC) decision and the acute agonizing effects on the people because of the Govt.’s non implementation of the SC directive , said that the Govt. has not the sanity or the sense to understand , but for the Court decision which halted the Govt.’s hedging soodhuwa , the Govt. would have lost a further Rs. 9.1 billion. What the Govt. has failed to understand is that the SC decisions confer benefits on the people based on legal justice. unlike the Govt.’s decisions which are politically motivated. When the Court gives a just decision but against the Govt. it is branded as pro LTTE by the Govt. like how it describes all others who speak against the Govt.’s evil doings.

It is the Govt. which is unpatriotic when it acts against the interests of the people and country wasting people’s money on projects like MihinAir which was proved by facts and figures as a fiasco. When people are starving it spends Rs. 6 billion on the Mihinair, the proven white elephant , and allocates another Rs. 5.1 billion towards purchasing the Inter continental Hotel, he asserted .The Govt. also neglects bringing VAT scam culprits to book who cheated to the tune of Rs. 3.6 billion.

The Govt. is refusing to give the justifiable benefit of the fuel price reduction determined by the Court on the ruse that it will lose Rs. 9.5 billion in revenue. But, it does not think of curbing the unjustifiable loss of revenue on its Jumbo cabinet expenses , Govt. wastages and rent allowances paid to Ministers who already have palatial residences , he pinpointed.

The SC intervened only to dispense justice as the Govt. was extorting as high as 183% via taxes and levies from the consumers on petrol sales. The Court directed the Govt. to curtail the 183 % to a reasonable 100% . Why should the Govt. get jittery over such a Court directive ? , he asked
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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