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Surrender Historical Lands, to accept our own Motherland.

by Charles.S.Perera

(December 23, Colombo,Sri Lanka Guardian) With Kilinochchi becoming the target, the government forces meeting heavy resistance, minds begin to open, and ink begins to flow on hurriedly collected sheets of paper with open flourishes of discontent against the government, and veiled praise for the terrorists.

The most active "noise makers" in this respect, to the complete exclusion of the Tamils that matter, the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka, from Kankesenturai in the North to Hambantota in the South, are the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora. The Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora seem to think that they are the only Tamils that matter, as they have commissioned Prabhakaran and his gang of terrorists to carve out a Tamil Homeland for them, for which they pay around 300 million dollars annually.

The real Tamil Community in Sri Lanka avoids all demonstrations against the terrorists. They take refuge in silence for fear of reprisals. If the manifestations were held in the north against the Sri Lanka army they were organised and executed on the orders of the terrorists.

The situation is such that for some members of the International Community, like those in UK led by MP Andrew Peeling of Croydon, only Tamils that matter are those in the diaspora, and they speak for them, and the Tamils in the diaspora speak for the Tamils in Sri Lanka without knowing much about them other than what has been, or is being told to them.

Of course, other than the Tamil diaspora we have the TNA MPs- the proxies for the terrorists, Mano Ganeshan and other politicians whose primary interests are to create mayhem, for their political benefit, and communal dissention and racial hatred as their raisons d'être. They too do not speak for the majority of the real Tamil people of Sri Lanka, poor or rich, working class or upper class.

Therefore, what appears in the websites, as the words of the Tamil people , should be read as the words of the Tamil diaspora.

The Tamils of the diaspora are well read for instance Narapalasingham gives his interpretation of the Mahavamsa, which he knows as that which has made the Sinhala "mindset". Again it is the dispora who has created defenders of the Tamil people in the International Community, like Bruce Fein, Andrew Peeling, Ramans, and Hariharans. They speak of Kilinochchi as the Stalingrad of the Government Forces, Wanni as the Army Grave Yard.

It is again the Tamil diaspora that claims ownership to territory, without even a " by your permission". The real Tamil Community from Kankasenturai to Hambantota do not claim any special territory as their own , because they know Sri Lanka is their mother land, and they have the right to live where ever they want.

Therefore, Prabhakaran's assertions are for himself , and for his followers in the Tamil diaspora. The Sinhala diaspora has their motherland and do not claim any part of it as their territory-the homeland.

It is said that our ancestors were nomads. They lived by hunting, and did not stay in the same place for long. Then they decided to settle down, diversify their eating habits. Began to cultivate and build huts to live in. All problems started from the time they settled down and staked out their territories. There was then the clans., who lived together. And when the clans became large they encroached upon the lands of the other clansn and their were clan wars with clubs and axes to protect their lands and it continues to this day. It is time we stop delimitating land as our territory, and your territory.

Sri Lanka is big enough for the Sinhala, the Tamil, the Muslim and others to live together. We need no boundaries to separate one community from the other. We can share the land, the food, the water, and shelter and live happily. Why should we allow a big fat terrorist to dicatate terms to us, and a diaspora living in clover in their adopted homes to narrate old history to divide our common land ?

There is no historical land for different Community in Sri Lanka. That is part of the separationist thinking of the terrorists, and their supporters of the Tamil diaspora. Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhala, Tamils, Muslims and others who were born in it or acquired its citizenship. In the 21st century when the Americans and Russians are planning to have colonies in the Moon, it is absurd for the Tamil Diaspora following their terrorist "Sun God" to claim a historical land in Sri Lanka as their Home Land.

They should come down to earth and reality, and disown the fat terrorist Prabhakaran, and love their motherland and be a part of it's multiethnic population. Once it has been done let us share our political view to build a united nation without holding allegiance to any foreign land such as Tamil Nadu with whose Culture, Sri Lanka Tamils have nothing in common, except their language and religion.

The religion and language we could have burrowed from any one like Christianity and English, and for that matter, those among us who are Christians and speak English, are not English !
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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