LTTE loses 2nd FDL in Muhamalai as 58 division enters Elephant Pass south

The Govt.'s side of the Wanni battle

(January 06, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Units from the Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s 53 and 55 divisions have now brought under their control the second LTTE defense line in the Muhamalai/Nagarkovil axis. Tigers had no option but to vacate the FDL when special infantry units from two divisions advanced on them. Exact casualty details are not available as of now. 53 division is commanded by Brigadier Kamal Gunarathne while the 55 division is commanded by Brigadier Prasanna Silva, a former Special Forces commander.

Meanwhile the army’s 58 division (Task Force 1), have entered LTTE dominated territory in Elephant Pass (Alimankada) south. They have also captured two villages located south and east of the Jaffna lagoon. This progress of the 58 division further increases the pressure on remaining tiger presence in the Muhamalai/Nagarkovil and Kilali axis. 58 division is comprised of 11000-12000 troops in four brigades 58-1, 58-2, 58-3 and 58-4.

Meanwhile SLA was also able to make progress in several fronts in Mullathivu district in the past 24 hours. A large portion of A-34 road to east of Mankulam have been captured by Task Force 3 and Task Force 4. LTTE dominated villages of Oddusudan and Thanniuththu are also under the control of these two divisions. Fighting was also reported in Preiya Uppukalamkaimkulamm and Keppal Aru south in Mullaithivu. 15 bodies of slain LTTE cadres have been recovered by the troops. LTTE has been continuous firing artillery from their bases in Mullaithivu targeting SLA positions in Kilinochchi as well as targeting advancing forces in 59 division.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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