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"PC elections : Govt. yet again riding high on lawlessness"

(January 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) to the media at the UNP media unit today (26Jan) , UNP M.P. Palitha Range Bandara said , though there is a Govt. in SL, there is no governance . Unlike in the earlier times, all what we see, hear and read are lawlessness and not lawfulness. The Govt. which was elected by the people to rule them democratically, truly , lawfully , honestly , peacefully and progressively has only shamelessly become the very antithesis of all those traits a good Govt. should possess.

Referring to the elections campaigns for the Wayambe and Central Province , he lamented that every election law is being brazenly and flagrantly violated by the very Govt. which came to power promising to usher in peace and prosperity for the people .

State property, State vehicles and State Officers are being used violating election laws in all the election provinces . Even the police are being abused as they are precluded from performing their duties duly . Citing a number of cases of violence , he said , the Police officers who held inquiries and took action against Govt. supporters were physically pushed aside and their weapons wrested by Govt. candidates, MPs and Ministers . The higher Officers too are instructed not to take action against them .

The Govt. has become so despotic is proved by the pictures in the newspapers which shows how a UPFA candidate in Puttalam is using a vehicle without a number plate on
it , belonging to the Fisheries Ministry for his political campaign. The monumental lawlessness resorted to by the Govt. is borne testimony by the fact that there are over 10 serious incidents of violence reported officially against the Govt. . But, there is not a single complaint against the UNP and other Opposition parties.

The Govt. is not appointing the Constitutional Councils or implementing the 17th amendment in order to violate laws. If the Elections Commission, the Police Commission, the Judicial service Commission , the Public service Commission and others are duly appointed under the Constitutional Councils , the Govt. will not be able to manipulate the Police Force and violate the election laws, he noted.

If the Police Commission was in existence , the Police media spokesman and DIG Ranjith Gunasekera who has a putrid career record would not have been appointed according to Govt.’s whim and fancy .It is because such a Police Officer is at the helm that violence and malpractices are raging, he observed.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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