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TNA’s Despicable Stance Against the Civillian Shield of LTTE

"The TNA would do better to dissociate with the LTTE terrorists at least now and play a conducive role to free the innocent civilians from the brutal LTTE grip."

By Nacholibre

(January 22, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) I was appalled to read a statement in the Sri Lanka Guardian (Read) by the Tamil National Alliance, which demands an immediate ceasefire from the State and entering into negotiations with the LTTE. The statement vividly explains the plight of the trapped civilians in Wanni and laments about it but conveniently misses mentioning the LTTE as the perpetrator of that terrorist-made plight. Never in that statement does it demands the LTTE to release the forcibly-held civillians. Instead, they try their best to put the blame on the government and hold it responsible for the human misery in Wanni, saying that the State is carrying out a genocide in the “LTTE-administered” areas.

Tamil - administered areas? TNA got to be kidding the world.

What in the world is an “LTTE-administered” area? The TNA seems to have forgotten that their Elam dream is now buried good six feet deep. Yet they still like to talk about an LTTE-administered area. These guys are bafoons not to realize that the whole world have now come to realize that what is actually happening in Wanni is just a brutal terrorist insurgency that no legitimate State would be expected to kow tow to. Now that the State security forces have laid open the true face of the LTTE in their brutal campaign to separate the country at the expense of the lives of the civilians, TNA still tries to cajole the world into believing that State is the victimizer. We, however, would like to remind them that they are long past their prime in their routine comic act.

Further, the TNA statement says that “State has also imposed stringent economic, medical and food embargoes resulting in the severe lack of basic items required by the civilians”. What an interesting observation they have made!! The security forces keep apprehending basic items required by the civillians stashed away by the LTTE out of reach of the civilians and TNA seems to have not noticed that at all! They are asking the State to provide for the Wanni civilians and in the same statement they claim that their beloved LTTE has its own administered areas. What a contradiction is that? What a pathetic joke is that? What is more interesting is that this time the statement has not mentioned anything about a any fuel embargo, may be because someone may have told the TNA that a few days back the security forces has unearthed the massive fuel dump of the LTTE hidden subterranean in a coconut grove inside that so-called LTTE administered area. It could be that the TNA may have later decided to be careful not to write the word “fuel” in the statement. If not for this revelation about the LTTE fuel dump, the TNA would have added that a fuel embargo too in their statement!! Now how genuine could that have sounded to the pro-LTTE mouth pieces the world around!!!

Why is the TNA still turning a blind eye to the blatant disregard of the LTTE for the civilian safety, while claiming that they have got a mandate from the Wanni people? Do they not know that the same people who they claim to have got the mandate from are trying to escape the LTTE iron-grip and escape to the GOSL controlled areas? Do they not know that the LTTE is shooting to kill at the escapees? Why do the TNA fellows keep lying in broad day light when what is actually happening in Wanni is so obvious to the world? Who are they trying to fool?

The TNA would do better to dissociate with the LTTE terrorists at least now and play a conducive role to free the innocent civilians from the brutal LTTE grip. If not for anything else, I wonder if their own conscious is not telling them what a great betrayal they are executing against their own people. I wonder if they ever genuinely feel like helping the civilians to free themselves from the LTTE hell hole. However, their statements tell us that they are no better than the LTTE terrorists themselves. As it is more than plain obvious, from the statements they are issuing to safeguard the rights of a terrorist group, tacitly supporting the terror outfit to further victimize the Wanni people, it is all too evident where the TNA really did get the mandate from. Thus, civilian plight or not, it is quite apparent that they are hell-bent on doing service to that mandate alright.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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