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Associated Press Interviews escaping Tamils shot by LTTE in Vanni - Genocide exposed

By Lafir Mathalif, Colombo

(February 11, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) In a major exposure against LTTE propaganda, Associated Press today broke the story of latest fate of Vanni civilians who were shot by LTTE trying to escape the human shields.

"My wife and child got killed in the shooting by the rebels," said Selvadorai Thavakumar, 23, from Kilinochchi, the former de facto rebel capital captured by the government in January.
He was among hundreds of sick and wounded the Red Cross evacuated Tuesday by ferry from a makeshift medical facility in the northern town of Putumattalan that had been shelled, according to associated press report.

"We did not have food for days so we decided to flee to the government area. On the way, the rebels blocked us and tried to prevent us fleeing," said Manoharan Mahendran, 53, a resident of the former rebel-held town of Vishwamadu.

He said the rebels opened fire when civilians argued to be allowed to flee early last week: "People were helpless." - AP report further added.

" LTTE media such as Tamilnet will obviously attack AP, BBC and CNN on this story for the next several days in a means to further blind the Nationalistic Tamil Diaspora, Tamil Diaspora is aware of the realities, but they are not willing to open their eyes," according to K Thangavelu from Toronto who spoke to Sri Lanka Guardian.

"A big part of it that Colombo government fails to show Tamil Diaspora that it is committed to a true solution. Hence, media such as Tamilnet will continue to feed the our unfortunate Diaspora," he added.

Tamilnet, based in Maryland , run by one Sri Lankan based professional named Muthuthamby Sreetharan, serves as the leading terror media web site for the LTTE.

-Sri Lanka Guardian

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