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IC Sheds Crocodile Tears Again!

By Malin Abeyatunge writes from Melbourne

(February 14, Melbourne, Sri lanka Guardian) Condemnations are coming from all over the world on yesterday’s (9/2/2009) barbaric act by a LTTE suicide woman bomber killing 33 including 20 soldiers who were administering the IDPs registration and 13 civilians who have escaped from the clutches of the LTTE.

Over 60 IDPs have been injured. But will the condemnation by the International Community –IC ( specifically refers to countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan & some members of EU) alone help to free the Tamil civilians entrapped under LTTE tyranny or to stop LTTE’s killing machine of their own brothers and sisters? Most of the countries in the IC who immediately jumped the queue to shed crocodile tears and condemn the suicide attack are the very countries who appease LTTE in every turn; who mollycoddles LTTE and dared to talk of Latté’s atrocities; who allows LTTE activists, sympathizers and dubious fronts to raise funds freely to fatten the LTTE war chest despite being banned; who allows LTTE supportive rallies and demonstrations on their street against GoSL. The countries of the IC specifically mentioned above cannot get away from their guilt albeit they shed crocodile tears and condemn this brutal massacre. Following this massacre on Sunday, again on Tuesday (10/2/2009) the self proclaimed sole representative of Tamils-LTTE (Tamil Diaspora please note) gunned down 19 civilians including women and children and injuring 69 others (all Tamils) who were fleeing from LTTE clutches to the got controlled safety zones for a better future. Within two days, LTTE killed 32 Tamil civilians and maimed over 130 Tamil civilians and 20 soldiers.

The most irritating thing is that when ever these countries including UN and other UN agencies, so called humanitarian organizations like Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International (AI) albeit making statements condemning the brutal acts and pointing the finger at the perpetrators LTTE terrorist outfit, concurrently to neutralize the blame on LTTE, they use hackneyed themes which go like this “we request both parties to ensure safety of the civilians”, “let there be no human rights violations by both parties” etc,. They purposely place the legitimate government of Sri Lanka on par with the perpetrators LTTE terrorist outfit. Recent statement by the so called AI expert in Sri Lanka Yolanda Foster whilst condemning the suicide bombing hinting the armed forces to avoid abusing it ( as if our armed forces are purposely violate human rights) scapegoat this situation. Prf. Rajiv Wijesinghe has rightfully responded to her irresponsible and double tongued statements as quoted below:

Quote” The Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) yesterday said it regretted the disregard shown for human life by the Amnesty International in its statement on the suicide bombing that killed 28 Sri Lankans.

“The word 'still' implies that Yolanda understands that the security forces do direct their actions against military targets, but Yolanda's shaky command of the English language means that that sentence is at best a Freudian slip in her relentless targeting of the Sri Lankan forces.SCOPP said.unquote”

Sri Lanka does not need the International Community and INGOS’ fake condemnation (we know they indirectly promote the survival of LTTE like a beggars wound for well known reasons) as hundreds of condemnation in the past by them on LTTE atrocities hitherto have neither been taken seriously by LTTE nor any concrete action by the IC against LTTE’s human rights violations. The best that the IC could do is to apply the ban of LTTE in their countries to the last word of the respective Acts without any double standard (hard one for the Muslims and softer one for LTTE), plug all loopholes of LTTE fund raising and money laundering activities carried effortlessly on their soil which are being conveniently ignored, put a stop to LTTE propagated demonstrations and rallies in their cities, bring to justice illegal arms dealers operating from these countries etc. So we request the so called International Community to stop shedding crocodile tears but instead stop appeasing LTTE and extend at least their moral support and strength to the Sri Lankan Government and its armed forces to wipe off the LTTE cancer from Sri Lankan soil once and for all.

-Sri Lanka Guardian

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