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"Cannibalism of Government's henchmen"

(March 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Addressing the media at the UNP media unit today (26 Mar) , UNP M.P. Lakshman Kiriella said, referring to the recent rape and killing of the six year old girl in Trincomalee allegedly by the TMVP members , an ally of the Govt. said , this occurred because the Govt. did not heed the repeated warnings of the main Opposition party , UNP.

The Govt. which allowed the TMVP groups , the erstwhile confirmed terrorists ( part of the LTTE) to carry illegal arms and ignored the numerous complaints against them of their inflicting terror in the East ,must take full responsibility for this crime. There had also been evidence that these armed groups have been behind the killings of politicians, media personnel , abductions and extortions either to serve their own ends or as hired assassins. As the leader of the TMVP is a pro Govt. EP Chief Minister and his group is a close ally of the Govt., the latter defended and protected them at the expense of National security and interests , he asserted.

Even this tragedy bears all the hallmarks of the terrorist killing – the demanding of ransom to start an FM radio station is a characteristic habit of the LTTE who forcibly collect funds , and ruthlessly kill those who decline .

It is very unfortunate that the people are saddled with a ruthless and lawless Govt. which would glorify criminals , exalt traitors and take into its fold even politicians noted for corruption and swindles if it sees that through them it can perpetuate its power greed , he concluded.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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