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A stupid claim by a Pakistani minister

India must retake Pakistan as a province and keep it there forever

By Ramchand Mukerjee

(March 04, Islamabad, Sri Lanka Guardian) How juvenile, stupid and idiotic can Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol, Pakistan’s Minister of State for Shipping can be to point the finger accusingly at India for the cowardly and dastardly act of terrorism perpetrated against the Sri Lankan cricket team as it was about to enter the Gaddafi Stadium at Lahore yesterday.

It is even more incredible that within hours of the attack, he says they have come to know that the attackers had crossed into Pakistan from India to carry out this foul deed.

A spoilt brat of the USA which was keen to set up an evil-intentioned ally on the Indian border to destabilize the subcontinent, Pakistan is a paraya state in the world that has known only violence from the time it wrenched partition from India in 1947 through deceitful means. Even as recently as last year it assassinated another one of its leaders.

Pakistan has drawn India into wars and has remained a constant irritant while neglecting its own people who are not only poor to a great extent but also still holding on to traditions that are quite sickening and atrocious in the modern world. It practices some severe traditional laws that even allow gang rape of women for no fault of theirs. Women are mere chattels and slaves in the country.

Minister of State Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol perhaps made an attempt to neutralize the recent Mumbai outrage by claiming India was the cause of the Lahore attack but he can tell that to the marines. The attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team can only come from a Pakistani source and of that there is hardly any doubt. The entire country is dotted with terror camps that practice this demon art nationally and internationally. Furthermore, India and Sri Lanka’s relationship in sports have virtual divine elements enshrined in them and this will be beyond Pakistan to understand.

The whole world is concerned today that Pakistan is the teeming refuge of this evil force and equally the agitators elsewhere of terrorism. It could very well be the home of Bin Laden too. There is every reason to believe why such an attack on a Sri Lankan cricket team, the country’s best ambassadors of peace, could be perpetrated in Pakistan and let not Minister Sardar Nabil Gabol fool the world with such an outrageous attack on India.

Following this attack in Lahore, Pakistan can forget about holding any international sports events in that country for many years to come. While its reputation in the world as a land of terror and violence has been further endorsed yesterday, its treatment of women socially ingrained as evil, corruption practiced is reckoned enormous, Pakistan can forget international sports now.

If Pakistan cannot behave honourably, truthfully and decently it does not deserve to exist even as an independent state with equal status with the countries of the rest of the world. India should re-take Pakistan as one of its provinces and keep it there; that is where Pakistan belongs.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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