Toronto’s Tamil groceries shop told to sell kanchi rice

By Catapult Thangavelu reporting from Kappang Highway

(March 08, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) We have news that David Poopalapillai who has difficulties to be calm and collected in discussions has asked all the Tamil grocery shop owners in Toronto to sell kanchi rice only. His contention is that the Wanni Tigers are providing Uppu Kanchi (salty gruel) to their hostage captives in Puthukudiyirruppu, the Micro-Mini Eelam under siege and therefore the Toronto Tamils should express solidarity with them. He was not quite clear whether solidarity is to be for the Tigers or the captives!

All that is known is that some 60 Tiger ‘braves” tried to escape through the Chalai swamp using 300 unfortunate hostages to march in front of them but the Sri Lankan army got most of the feline braves and managed to spare the civilians who disappeared into the jungle. It is believed Father James Pathinathar is hiding in that area with four of his nuns for the last seven days. He needed this rest in hiding after helping the Tigers to herd up civilians as hostages.

The Wanni Tamils were the most provided community with their rich agricultural resources that they themselves worked hard for and quite justly enjoyed the fruits of their labour. That was until the Tigers entered their region and began to destroy not only their agriculture but also their families. It was a scourge that visited Wanni like a terrible pestilence.

The Norwegians and Ranil Wickremasinghe have a lot to explain for their sheer stupidity. How could they have foisted terrorists, and that too the most brutal in the world on a peaceful, productive and passive community?

The LTTE only specialized in below the surface luxury accommodation intended for the leaders to live there happily, as they thought, for the generations to come mafia style. There were even spas, convenient rooms of pleasure, vast swimming pools and cinemas that specialized in Clint Eastwood movies. Whether this was a coincidence or an oversight, the regions of the devil is believed to exist below the surface!

Now this Poopalapillai chap in Toronto is known in the Tamil circles as “Arl kadaththal veeran,” that is smart guy at alien smuggling. It is known that he cannot get to Batticaloa because there are guys waiting for him to discuss business he has not completed yet with them according to contracts entered. But what can Poopalapillai do? It is bound to be in the form of a court where justice is meted out without any delay, an LTTE tradition and a canine’s point of relief.

He is stuck lock, stock and barrel at Junction 1983 not knowing what to do, where to go and how to get over complications he has caused for himself. The other day he was on the TVO unable to keep patient and listen to what others had to say in the debate before giving his half-cent worth of rubbish. At one stage the anchor had to tell him a certain word is not used in such discussions. In his world, only his view has credibility and validity. Those who participated in the debate too looked totally ill at ease and also had the Junction 1983 disease; that is your mind cannot move forward,.

The reader can experience this fiasco through this web link. (Watch)

There was also a lady who appeared in the discussions something like an expert who seemed to know nothing of the history of the ethnic crisis in Sri Lanka. She was reacting to conditions in the IDPs some of which were indeed real but not realizing that it was a war situation created by the LTTE taking thousands of civilians as human shield. In such a situation one cannot act emotionally but only make every effort to ease the suffering of the people.

A significant factor of the interview was that whoever was pro-LTTE did not have the guts to say so which itself exposes the LTTE as an evil force. What the interview failed was the seeking of ideas for a solution and what lies ahead for Sri Lanka. In this a great opportunity was missed.

Such interviews are counterproductive. They will only help to hold back firmly the nagging prejudices of the pro-LTTE Diaspora and the Junction 1983 syndrome forever and enable the smart and fraudulent ones to enrich themselves by collecting funds for an organization that uses innocent civilians as human shield and feed them on rice gruel.

Surely in Toronto there must be schools that can teach how to communicate effectively. Some people need to take urgent lessons, Poopalapillai included. Incidentally, Tamil grocery shops have their own rules of the retail business selling smelly sea food on one side and drapery on the other along with pirated DVDs for a dollar each which soon will be two for the purchase of one and a 10 cents coupon for a packet of six vadais. All these under one roof.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
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