Desperate Tamilnet becomes ridiculouser and ridiculouser

By Jacinta Cruz and Susan Mathai

(April 25, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Whining like a miserable cat caught in a monsoon downpour, LTTE’s United States lie factory Tamilnet in its daily output of Essays of Terrordom dated today Saturday April 25, 2009, charges in the words of a Tamil Diaspora scientist obviously domiciled in Norway that United Nation’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka is outrageous.

It challenged the UN spokesperson George Weiss in Sri Lanka who had said that children as young as 12 are forcefully recruited and given guns to fight on the front line alongside LTTE. This was reported in the

Tamilnet report followed thus: “Whom are they guarding”, Tamil circles asked. “It is outrageous that the UN which has no means to stop Colombo’s genocide or immediately take responsibility of the captured and even reluctant to talk about the high casualty but only ‘leaks out’ figures, to raise this matter at this juncture in an imbalanced way, when Colombo is bombarding the remaining civilians in the so-called safety zone”, said Thomas Aloysius, senior scientist in Bergen, Norway. “If what the UN official says is true, it is deplorable, but aren’t they too responsible for the tragedy by their inaction in prevailing upon Colombo to stop the war. The LTTE always ask for ceasefire”, he asked.

Tamilnet always talks about civilians CAPTURED by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces despite the fact that there is ample evidence, photographic and others to show the very opposite is true and nowhere in the world armed forces personnel have been known to carry, lead, feed and tender the civilians and in the larger context enable them to flee from an evil force that is using them as human shield with utter brutality.

This is the reality, and a Tamil community believed to be educated and intelligent and with so many professionals among them seem to believe this rotten misinformation as true. The so-called scientist Thomas Aloysius must surely be senile or insensible to utter such miserable nonsense and yet claiming to be a scientist. He is certainly lacking in feeling. May be he is convinced H2O is not water but cyanide which Prabhakaran should have taken weeks ago. Had he done that no Wanni civilian would have had to face the terrible ordeal of the human shield? Scientist! What an awful claim from who cannot even decipher photographic evidence!

Another terrible lie from Tamilnet was the claim: “Civilians were also seen moving towards the LTTE side for protection, Friday, according to reports and visual images received from Vanni.”

The rest of the Tamilnet report was as follows:

“Guardian reported Colombo’s claim of 200, 000 civilians crossing to its side. Earlier Colombo and its war partner, the New Delhi Establishment, were adamantly insisting on a figure of only 70,000 inside the safety zone. Colombo is in total chaos in caring the civilians it captured, reports from Vavuniyaa indicated.” (Emphasis is ours).

The rest of the report follows:

“The total number of civilians claimed by Colombo, has not so far been registered either in Vavuniyaa or in Jaffna. The question of what is happening with the huge number of the remaining is raising very serious concern with the Tamil circles.

“In the last quarter a century Tamil civil servants have practical experience in handling IDP matters. The LTTE was handling this matter very effectively. Even the Tamil Diaspora would have handled it, had it been allowed. But Colombo with a genocidal agenda has placed it in the hands of a Sinhala army commander and three Sinhala civil servants, Tamil circles pointed out.

“The SLA is engaged in asking Tamil residents in Vavuniyaa for cooked food packets, clothing etc., reports from Vavuniyaa said.

“The UN has to direct its energy in stopping the war, taking responsibility of the civilians and in taking care of their immediate needs, rather than playing a mischievously imbalanced propaganda game ultimately abetting genocide. We feel that this has been going for a quite a while and we are really saddened that UN is taking a such stand, the 49 year old scientist in Norway said.

“Meanwhile, Colombo, knowing victory within its grasp, was in no mood to respond to the demand of the visiting Indian officials for a break in the war to allow civilians to leave, Guardian said. Colombo has asked for a few more days to ‘finish’ the war and the Indian officials agreed is what unconfirmed reports from Chennai indicate. But citing precedence in the escalation of war every time Indian officials talk with Colombo, and citing reports that India sabotaged Nambiar mission, Tamil circles believe that the agenda was set by India.”

In conclusion, let us comment that these hysterical screams by Tamilnet devoid of any morals or decencies have a historical significance marking how a well heeled Diaspora wallowing in luxury has used its poor kith and kin to dabble in matters that give them a kick of egotistic importance. Evidently they suffer from the very disease Prabhakaran evidently is afflicted; necrophilia.

Note: Ridiculouser and terrordom are our polite contribution to the English language; we could not Nibetter explain the circumstance.

-Sri Lanka Guardian