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Govt. can win the war while losing the grip on the peace and prosperity of the country – UNP

(April 18, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) UNP M.P. Vajira Abeywardena addressing a Press conference at the UNP Media unit today said, though the Govt. is selfishly trying to appropriate the entire credit for the war victory , it cannot blink the fact that it is the UNP which paved the way by strategic peace proposals and agreements with the LTTE at the early stages. No party made so much sacrifices as the UNP . From its former President Premadasa down, a great many of its Ministers and prominent leaders sacrificed their lives falling prey to LTTE terror. The LTTE targeted the UNP most because the LTTE realized later that they have been cleverly and strategically strangled by the UNP through the peace process . Hence, they launched vicious reprisals against the UNP , he asserted.

It is unfortunate that the political upheavals in the country did not permit the UNP to pursue its long term planned victory over the LTTE by peaceful strategies. So many unnecessary loss of lives of Sri Lankans could have been averted if the UNP ‘s plans succeeded. Now, the Govt. is crowing about winning a war , but it is the groundwork laid previously by the UNP that eventuated in this present victory , he pointed out.

Why did Prabhakaran have strong motive to defeat the UNP by obstructing the Tamil voters from voting at the last Presidential election ? It is because he envisaged defeat ultimately at the hands of the UNP in his battle , Abeywardena exhorted.

The Govt. will finally have to fall back on the UNP ‘s solutions , even after winning the war , for winning the war is not the be all and end all of the problems, he emphasized.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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Onlooker said...

At this juncture all Sri Lankans are looking forward to the ongoing military campaign of GOSL to end wiping out LTTE from this country. It is best that UNP joins the people and support the Armed Forces who are facing the brunt. UNP is not the same as it was during the time of President Premadasa who was a visionary and served the country, the party is now dying and due to dearth of leaders Ranil Wickremasinghe is propped up as party leader by those who would otherwise be history.

The ceasefire agreement had been heavily loaded in favour of LTTE. It was a one sided deal tailored by the Norwegians, Ranil and his henchmen did not study it properly in their hurry to hit the front pages. LTTE violated the agreement as they pleased, rearmed, regrouped and almost set up EELAM, also thanks to some INGO's and Norway. As indicated by the vast array of arms recovered from VANNI it is obvious that the LTTE intentions did not limit to North & East.

Mr. Vajira Abeywardena, if you have any iota of any intelligence left, you will hail the success of Armed Forces, if not the GOSL, ask you loud mouthed friends to do the same. We like to see some statesmen in UNP, not the third rate politicians appearing on political platforms trying to elect members to Provincial Council.

No ampunt of money and arms have not been able to wipe out Al-Quaida and Taliban, but Sri Lanka, short of cash and short of arms, will soon write a golden chapter in world history when the wipe out the LTTE, the only terrorist organosation to have a Navy and Air Wing.

Man, if you are a patriot now is the time to show it.

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