How low can they go…

By Nacholibre

(April 20, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Newspaper reports reveal that the US administration has had enough of Rajapaksha administration. The former is irked because however much they tried, the latter could not be stopped from successfully destroying Prabakaran and unifying the war-torn country. Many a above ground and subterranean attempt have been made during the last three years, but to no avail, as the Rajapaksha administration continued to enjoy the majority people’s backing and possessed the firm resolve to end Prabakaran’s killing spree. From diplomatic coercing to behind closed door maneuvers to open threats of cutting down aid by the US administration have all gone in vain.

The US diplomacy and underhand coups have brought about nothing substantial for them in stopping the SL armed forces in mid way and save Prabakaran. Robert-O-Blake visits Buddhists temples and pose for photographs with a big grin from one ear to the other and repeats like a parrot that US is a friend of Sri Lanka. What a friend! He goes back to his office room and discusses with Norway how to make an escape route for Prabakaran and his left over terrorist friends. Not stopping that, the latest reports say that Robert-O-Blakes employer, the Obama , has threatened the Rajapaksha administration with the blocking of US$ 1.9 billion IMF relief package. How low can the smiling Robert-O-Blake and his employer go?

The ceasefires bring no civilians out from the safe zone. Yet, once the SL armed forces resume hostage rescue operations and thrash the remaining terrorist resistance points and open up safe passages, the civilians come fleeing the No Fire Zone in thousands. This is the reality of the situation, which bears to the wide world that no ceasefires with the LTTE terrorists will result in any civilian rescue. The US and its allies who pressurize the Rajapaksha administration into declaring ceasefires say in one voice that they want to rescue the civilians. Yet, they are so reluctant to see that the method does not yield the preferred outcome. The only way to get the civilians released is to thrash the terrorists and subdue them and rescue the hapless thousands trapped in the LTTE human shield. Thus, it has been proven beyond doubt that the efforts to have the Rajapaksha administration declare ceasefires are not genuine and it is not at all to get the civilians rescued but to open up enough time gaps for the holed-up LTTE terrorist leaders to escape the SLA onslaught. If Robert-O-Blake and his masters think that the people of this small island are so dumb not to see through their evil masquerades, we can tell them that they are so sadly mistaken.

The US may be thousand times economically, militarily and diplomatically stronger than this small island nation, yet the latter is so much stronger in its people’s resolve to back the current Rajapaksha administration to finish off the LTTE until its last carder will be made to meet his/her maker. That resolve cannot be challenged by any super power by way of closed-door coups and diplomatic threats and shameful liaisons with designated terrorists. We the people decide who should govern this island nation and what type of action the chosen administration should take against the LTTE. Currently, it is nothing but the complete annihilation of the LTTE, and yes, the people are more than 100% certain that our armed forces are more than capable in doing that. No one can now afford to say that it is just wishful thinking, last few years have proved it beyond doubt.

Thus, threats of aid cuts and blocking of financial support by Robert-O-Blakes and their Masters would not bring about their desired results. They cannot change the resolve of the people of this island nation. We should look other places for financial support, if US wants to subdue us that way to give Prabakaran a breather. The military offensives should not be compromised to satisfy the whims and fancies of Robert-O-Blake and his masters. Obama can keep his CHANGE, we will find money somewhere else.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
Nanda said...

Thats nice to see some kinda of American bashing. Probably you can also start bashing the chinese and iranians later on.

Nanda said...

You have chosen to bash the Americans for supporting you. Then you can bash the Chinese and Iranians for supporting you later.

CanSam said...

To understand why the west and all the countries who cry for a ceasefire we should realize that Sri Lanka with its civil war is a good market for arms and ammunition that they (the West) and some of their eastern European allies make.
As a country Sri Lanka doesn't have any industry that can provide military needs of the armed forces. Imagine the money the suppliers make by selling arms to both sides of the conflict.
The next reason is the usual and obvious control mechanism that powerful countries (remember how India under Indira Gandhi trained and armed the LTTE and other groups just to destabilize Sri Lanka because of JR's alliance with the West at the time) apply towards their weaker neighbours.
If we look at countries around Sri Lanka (like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Obviously India) they never really want to see a "conflict free Sri Lanka" because they feel that it would put up an "economic challenge" to them.
Current alliance (which looks like a contradictions in its regional power politics towards Sri Lanka) India has to see the end of LTTE to deprive Tamil Nadu finding a base from which to operate (if ever Eelam is achieved) so that there would be a "separate Tamil Nadu" soon followed by a "Tamil Eelam".

manuri said...

I always had suspicion over OBAMA .Deep inside me told that he is not that genuine as he posed to be and all these times he has kept silent and got others to speak up for him as he did not want to be the Bad guy sort of for the 'tamils for Obama'generation.

He was actually trying to save both ends but sooner he will realise that sri lanka and its people and far more focused and stonger than his Americans.

it is a shame to see a man from different walk of life trying to prevent the anihilation of a killer like Prabakaran would he do the same for Bin Laden.

To Hell with IMF and To Hell with Obama and To Hell with that Alcoholic and designer drug Amabassdor Blake,

We have come a long way gentlemen and this time we are not going to let go,Keep your money ,you american needs it more than we sri lankans.In sri lanka people own their own homes and here in Canada and in america the Banks own their homes,See the difference.

Rajapakse never give in

NOLTTE=Peace said...

I am very saddened to see a great US - a country which can offer so much to the world falling to this low-level trying to save the world's most ruthless terrorist organization!

May be Obama has no clue whatsoever about what his employees doing about Sri Lanka.

Obama, it is time to look at Sri Lanka objectively and help her get rid of this terrorism!

ydes said...

At the end of the day US,India,UK and others only look after their own interests -even when so called Aid/grants are given as there are always strings attached so that the aid somehow returns to the donors(donor contactors and material).
SL must do likewise and to SL's credit has stood firm on this occasion (since late Mrs B sent the UK bases, Plantation owners and oil giants packing)against various economic threats and may that long continue.
Isn't it high time the devoleping nations had their own "IMF and World Bank"?.

DIASPORA said...

Anyone interested in Sri Lanka must be the War Mongers and Arms dealers. The longer the conflict goes the more they casn rape Sri Lanka. As if though the poilitical leaders and the Elites over the years have not raped and pillaged the masses with nevver ending threats and false apparitions. The SLA could have fibished off the LTTE long ago. Why did they wait so long. The answer lies in the thinking world wide that the ones who walk the corridors f power wanted and wished the conflict to go on so that they could use arms purchases and other related items at inflated prices in order to siphon off the cream from the top.

Exactly what the Malaysian leaders have been doing in buying submarines to castch fish in the Malacca Stratiots and Sukhoi jet fighters to shoot at mosquitoes over the top of the tropical jungles.

If anyone trusts or believes any politician of any ilk - he or she must be off the head.