India must shut this man up – Now!

From Durga Velautham in New Delhi

(April 10, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Vaiko Gopalaswamy wants a bloodbath and so would the other Aces and Knaves pack of Tamilnadu’s mini-political nuisance makers like Thirumavalavan, Ramadoss, Nadumaran and a few others. They have no political ideologies but to whip up the masses to their advantage from time to time. They jump from party to party during election time and the leaders of the two major groups must be ashamed of themselves for carrying this rotten baggage with them.

Why can’t they have the courage to tell them to get lost?

No doubt these chaps live on the largesse that the LTTE throws at them like feeding Rottweiler guard dogs. The LTTE having lost their marbles in Sri Lanka have plans evidently to set up their camps in Tamilnadu and Kerala, even in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The LTTE trying to curry favour with Jeyaram Jayalalitha could be like them having made friends with Amirthalingam and Yogeeswaran with the intention to be able to kill them. They succeeded.

It is possible, the LTTE wants a bloodbath in Tamilnadu and Vaiko Gopalaswamy is their man who will go down to any level to serve this terror paymaster. He has already begun to talk about a bloodbath especially as the country prepares for a general election.

May be, even more than Prabhakaran, Vaiko Gopalaswamy has begun to dream a larger Tamil Eelam comprising Tamilnadu and some parts of Sri Lanka. He must surely be drooling for a political mightiness in South Asia and also the vast international fortunes of the LTTE as well.

After all during the time Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated and also Messrs Amirthalingam and Yogeeswaran, Gopalaswamy and Nedumaran were constantly in touch with Terror Chief Prabhakaran and even illegally crossed the Palk Straits to spend several days and play around with dangerous weapons as if they were toys.

It is certainly possible Vaiko Gopalaswamy was encouraged by the kind of rabble-rousing demonstrations pro-LTTE Diaspora are holding in some cities of the west solely directed to save the LTTE in Sri Lanka where its end is inevitable. He talks about Tamil Eelam which means he is offering to take over from where Prabhakaran left.

Although he will be a fool to think that the worldwide LTTE underworld mafia will allow him to become their chief or even somebody of consequence, he can do enough damage in India especially in Tamilnadu. He may even help to link up the Naxalites and other terror groups that are a plague to India.

Vaiko Gopalaswamy is a proven terror campaigner and he may have been a party to the murder of Rajiv Gandhi but now, he could cause a blood bath in Tamilnadu. Surely there are laws in India that can take care of this man before he becomes a real monster.
-Sri Lanka Guardian