Is Nadesan’s claim a joke or a breath of last gasp?

From Mohan Gunaratnam and Ranjan Jayakody in Vavuniya

(April 7, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka Guardian) Former Sri Lankan police constable, then the Constable-General of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), B Nadesan, a close Prabhakaran relative from the Valvettiturai smuggler community and married to a Sinhala woman from Matara, who has been operating as the Political Commissar of this brutal and inhuman terrorist machine says that his leader is deeply committed to the freedom struggle. Nadesan’s children speak no Tamil; only their mother tongue, Sinhalese.

He has dared to make such a claim as Prabhakaran’s commitment because he continues to think the Tamils of Sri Lanka are naïve and vulnerable to such promises. He has good reasons to believe too because a part of the community has been nurtured on terrorism. This has created a highly successful underworld operation globally abusing principles moral, ethical and spiritual essential for the stability and well being of a community.

Instead, the LTTE was structured to the devastation of these ideals and work together with all kinds of destructive and exploitive forces that endanger humanity in no small way. Terrorism has become such a horrendous force worldwide that no sane person or government ought to give any ear or sympathy to forces that have created such carnage as the Tigers of Sri Lanka and to whom Nadesan is the surviving mouthpiece.
This very Nadesan talks about the Thimphu Talks that was scuttled by the Tiger ideologue Anton Balasingam and N Satyendra who was the agent of Junius Jayawardene under the guise of representing the TELO.

Nadesan is unable to understand one cardinal factor. A gunpoint blackmail to force an elected government and or a community to talks was past long ago. The LTTE represents no one but the Tigers and its hoodlums now making a nuisance of themselves in the streets of Melbourne, London, Toronto and other cities. They have been completely weaned away from democratic ideals and poisoned with terrorism as the weapon and a tyrannous sole voice of a dictator.

What should be considered is how the LTTE has conducted itself for the last thirty years and its partnership with the Catholic Church which was no doubt aimed at the destruction of Hindu/Buddhist/Islamic culture and the political stability of Sri Lanka. The LTTE never had any political agenda and this should have been evident long ago.

Nadesan also has the temerity to talk about India as a friend, no doubt a desperate attempt to beg this country for help. Of course the LTTE has the support of some corrupt mini-political buffoons in Tamilnadu who have obviously enjoyed Tiger largesse especially from Canada-based Tiger terrorists. All that the LTTE wants is a ceasefire for its survival and India is their last hope. If by chance this is achieved, it will not take much time for the LTTE to send another suicide bomber to New Delhi. This is the LTTE way.

LTTE never understands friendship and far too often Prabhakaran never hesitates to kill people who have helped him, the classic examples being Amirthalingam, Rajiv Gandhi and Premadasa. This is Prabhakaran’s technique of destroying evidences of concurred and collaborative material and asserting his sole voice mania.

What guarantee is there that the Tigers will not continue their killing spree in India once they achieve a ceasefire? “Tamil Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran is still deeply committed to the freedom struggle,” states Nadesan in an interview to the Indian Tamil daily Janasakthi, a paper under the control of T Pandian of the CPI, a friend of the Tigers in Tamilnadu. He also stated that the Tiger chief is tackling the current crisis with self-confidence and greater resolve.

The self-confidence and greater resolve he talks about is reflected by the cowardly holding of thousands as human shield and worse, this Prabhakaran and his deputy Pottu Amman have fled the scene of the current crisis and obviously shivering in hiding, if at all he is alive.

Early years of the Tigers were marked by the decimation of newspapers in Jaffna and terror reactions to any comment against the Tigers were dealt with utter brutality. And now they want the Tamil editor Vithyatharan to be released. This is the guy who has to explain why his mobile phone was used to direct Tiger air attacks over Colombo. He has been from the 1980s an advocate of the LTTE operating as an underground media man. He has a lot to explain to the people of Sri Lanka. He has existed as an independent entity promoting Tiger terrorism.

Nadesan concludes stating that the people of India as the greatest strength of the Tiger terrorism and hopes Tamil Nadu voters would deliver their right verdict to India's Congress-led alliance in the upcoming federal elections. How can Nadesan comment on what should be the outcome of the Indian federal elections? Will he if the LTTE survives say the same in the future with guns?

The blood of Rajiv Gandhi a former Indian Prime Minister is on their heads and it is rather sad that some politicians in Tamilnadu can be bought with just a few dollars to indulge in ugly deeds.

Anyway, just where is Prabhakaran?
-Sri Lanka Guardian
Tudor the Canadian said...

Stop calling this jackass v..........P>>>>>>>>>>> i call him pol pot velu and the other guy his mouthpiece ha does not deserve a name.

kahagalle said...

The writers have done a good job. A correction to what Nadesan told about his inspiration of India. He said the greatest inspiration is Tamil Nadu. He has carved out Tamil Nadu from India in making that assessment.

Finding of a T55 Tank valued at over 40-50 thousand Euros and some of the sophisticated weapons from Tiger Controlled area are a good eye opener for any democratic country. How did these weapons get into the hands of a terrorist group? Even some of the Air Craft capability and mini-submarines found in the hands of LTTE is a scary event. The people who perfected suicide bombing now giving another show as to how terrorist out fits can use civilians as shields to keep the authorities at bay by publicizing civilian causalities. If this is accepted by the international community, their will be more to come by all these terrorists operating all round the world. If Al-Quida grouped a bunch of civilians and tries to protect them selves, will the Americans or the NATO forces accept that for a ceasefire?

The international community should look into how on earth LTTE was able to amass such a cache of weapons to be used against democratically elected government. Rather than giving the strength to government of Sri Lanka to eliminate this terrorist threat, some countries have fanned sentiments of LTTE as if they are protectors of democracy. If LTTE has any democratic representation the case may be different. An ordinary thug turned terrorist leader, what kind of democratic principles one can apply.