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No Mr Chidambaram, No! There will be no ceasefire

By Mohan Gunaratnam and Jacinta Cruz

(April 14, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam is a terror organization and it cannot be held as representing the Tamils in Sri Lanka. It holds a great threat to India too and is ranked as the most brutal terror force in the world. Under these circumstances, until and unless this force is wiped out, there is no chance for a just solution to the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka.

They have been the sole obstacle to a resolution to the ethnic crisis over the years because Prabhakaran wants nothing but a mafia state under his brutal dictatorial governance. In this the Norwegians were conspiratorial partners. Furthermore, the Catholic Church played godfathers to the LTTE beginning from being the loot keepers to the various bank robberies with which Prabhakaran initiated this terror movement. They turned a blind eye when he went on a rampage of ruthless killing.

The Government of Sri Lanka has no option whatsoever but to finish off this terror once and for all. Surely India’s Central Government Minister P Chidambaram understands this reality well. If as reported that he stated at an election rally that the current military campaign against the LTTE should be stopped, he is wrong. It is hoped he is not making a political mileage out of this demand to pacify certain mini-political elements in Tamilnadu who themselves are a shame to India.

Terror politics cannot be an election issue to make compromises of any kind. Surely Minister Chidambaram would not want Tamilnadu and possibly Kerala too to become infested with the terror scourge of the LTTE. While President Rajapakse is handling an efficient and well-disciplined surgery to rid Sri Lanka of this cancer, India should give him all encouragement and support especially in the interests of India.

There is absolutely no question of ceasefire. The LTTE must be wiped out. Compare how the US under George Bush handled the war against terror not concerned about the Iraqi civilians and townships and the way President Rajapakse is running the war against terror in Sri Lanka. Perhaps Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that even feeds the enemies. There is enough video footage to show how disciplined the Sri Lankan Armed Forces are in this Wanni campaign.

Had the government proceeded with the speed with which Wanni was being liberated, the war would have been over by now. It is the concern for the civilians held as human shields that have made the Armed Forces to slow their pace and might.

All kinds of accusations were made about genocide, concentration camps, mass sterilization of Tamil women and seeking the final solution for the Tamils all convenient clichés and tattered stock phrases imported from elsewhere principally to save Prabhakaran who may already be dead, but if still alive he is either terminally incapacitated or has not the courage to lead his forces from the front. The video footage and what people who escaped the Human Shield terror relate do not connect at all with these accusations.

There were people like the UN Human Rights official Navaneetham Pillay and writer Arundhati Roy who made pathetic public fools of themselves by rushing to support this terror contraption where even devils would have trembled to take a stand. Their facts and figures came shamelessly from LTTE sources like the Tigers news constructor Tamilnet in the US. When her integrity suffered so miserably, Navaneetham Pillay should have resigned her position with the UN.

It is the LTTE that is killing civilians who flee from their terror. First and foremost, the LTTE has absolutely no right to hold civilians as human shields. Those Diaspora people making a nuisance of themselves in the streets of London, Ottawa and other western cities have not had the courage to demand from the LTTE that they should release the civilians.

They don’t and they won’t because these demonstrations are organized by the LTTE underworld using mostly university students just the way LTTE began its terror movement during the 1970s using students from hundreds of tuition centres in Jaffna.

In both of these students hijacked their parents and elders and made a hero of a terrorist who only spoke with his gun. The Tiger underworld is portentous with great danger to countries like India, Canada, United Kingdom, France and other European countries. The cowardly attack on the Sri Lankan Embassy in Oslo is not just an isolated incident. It was meticulously planned and executed. In Toronto, we understand that a particular Tamil community radio and TV station is spitting forth venom of violence in the city and even the major highway through the city is being considered for a major campaign to disrupt traffic and vandalize road signs.

In London some underground stations may be subjected to attack. It is the aim of some French Tamil hooligans to have the Tiger standard atop the Eiffel Tower and pictures of it to be used to raise funds for the LTTE. It is evident the forces behind these demonstrations, used by Tiger leaders who remain underground are young university undergraduates and other young people who hardly speak English, French or German and are veritable dropouts engaged in drug trafficking, credit card fraud and counterfeit currency.

President Mahinda Rajapakse is handling the problem of dealing with the terrorists very well. He is also sure how he is going to tackle the ethnic problem and tremendous amount of goodwill has emerged from the majority Sinhala community to ensure that every citizen of Sri Lanka enjoys equal rights.

Ordering a ceasefire and having talks with the LTTE will only keep this problem boiling further because the LTTE wants only a mafia state that it can control. Sri Lanka needs no overseas players like the Norwegians who are blatantly sympathetic to the Tigers. Sri Lanka needs to be encouraged and supported by countries who consider terrorism as a scourge and among all terrorists, the LTTE is the worst.

Surely a minister of such experience as Mr P Chidambaram must be aware of the nature and characteristics of the LTTE. It is sad that he has not read the LTTE well. In asking for a ceasefire and having talks with the LTTE, he is exposing India to a kind of ruthless terrorism that will devastate the subcontinent. Furthermore, the Tamils in Sri Lanka do not subscribe to the LTTE. This is a reality not only India but the whole world must accept.


-Sri Lanka Guardian


sweetwrangler2004 said...

One easy solution is make sri-lanka an indian states, then there wont be any of these problem in lankan island. British made a big mistake of not incorporating colombo into indian union. then we wont have this LTTE problem in the subcontinent. Then majority of sri-lanka island would be a sinhalese state and northern part of island would have been tamil landu. srilanka could have been 29th state of india , enjoying equal rights with rest of indians.

yohanne said...

Dear sweetwrangler24..Folk Staraigh is open for those who adore India & you all are welcome there, free of charge.No need to paste North or whole of SL to a state having the world's 2nd largest slum, red lit streets, more than 50% heads earning 02 dollars a day.Britishers or their henchmen are not the true owners of this sacred island, it is sinhalese who fougat & will fight eternally to defend their Motherland.This naked dream of Nehru will never come true but rewarded with their family blood as gratuity.Simply adding just 1.8million to a land with 1100 million heads will not change India's chemistry.Beauty is some wish to worship India, but do not want to stay there.

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