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Tamil Diaspora - the newest international terrorism outfit

By Malin Abeyatunge

(April 19, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) During the last few weeks, the international community mainly the western world had experienced an emergence of a new phenomenon in International Terrorism- launched by the hard core LTTE apologists activists among the Tamil Diaspora (*Not all Tamils are LTTE apologists or activists). This new terrorist outfit hereafter can be branded as International Tamil Terrorist Diaspora (ITTD). The ITTD has already spread its tentacles ton Canada, UK, Norway, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, India, Malaysia, South Africa and many other countries disturbing the peaceful life of the citizens of these countries by their continuous rallies, demonstrations, agitations, attacks on Sri Lankan Embassies, Sinhala businesses and attacking innocent students by taking law into their hands, involved in credit and insurance scams, drug and human cargo trafficking , illegal arms deals etc. You name any illegal operation in the world, they are well into it. Just as much as Al Qaeda has cells in almost every country, the ITTD also has established cells operating specially in the western world and a few Asian countries. This new terrorist outfit ITTD is as bad as Al Qaeda and the countries should watch their clandestine operations carefully and vigilantly.

During the last few weeks we saw the actions of ITTD in many countries causing disturbance to peaceful communities. What are these ITTDs activists demonstrating for? They wanted another ceasefire in Sri Lanka to give oxygen to the dying Tamil Tigers. The International Tamil Terrorist Diaspora believes that given some oxygen to LTTE who is in last ditch of defeat, Prabhakaran will bring back the lost glory, regain the lost 15000 sq.kms held illegally, regain and consolidate the lost military strength and more than anything else the promised mythical Eelam and that’s what they are demonstrating for.

There have been continuous demos every week end and sometimes even on week days in the capital cities of Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark Italy etc. over the last two months. Many of these ITTD demonstrations have finally ended up with violence. In UK, The Metropolitan police had to close the Westminster Bridge for days inconveniencing the commuters and the general public. They flouted the law and staged continuous demonstrations and sit-in protest in the UK Parliamentary square without Police permission. Canada’s story in Toronto and Ottawa is worst. There are street fights, mafia type gangsterism among different Tamil groups killing each other, extortions in Canadian big cities where there is substantial Tamil population.

In Australia, every week end and weekdays demonstrations and rallies were held in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra obstructing the flow of traffic and inconveniencing the public. They will continue to do so to influence the international community but will be in vain. On 4 April 2009, LTTE demonstrators attacked the only Sri Lankan rally peacefully held by Melbourne youth asking LTTE to release the hapless Tamil civilians in captivity. A student participant was attacked without any provocation by the members of the ITTD. On the same night ITTD activists had gone on rampage and damaged and vandalized 5 Sinhala shops which included two popular restaurants. Unfortunately, to date , the Vic Police has failed to arrest the attackers. In Sydney, They had the audacity to occupy the Prime Ministers residence (famous Kiribilly House) complex by force and lodged sit down protests with three guys on a fake hunger strike. Very soon the main cities of the countries mentioned above will become hub of ITTD’s terrorist activities with underworld connections, mafia type killing, credit card scams, and drug trafficking, procuring arms illegally for various terrorist outfits in the world including LTTE. Paris has already felt the presence of these terrorists when they shot and killed 2 members of the Paris Police Force.

The worst of all is that the Sri Lankan Embassy in OSLO has been attacked by this LTTE affiliated new ITTD. Adding insult to injury, it is reported that the Norwegian Police was turning a blind eye when a group of youths were attacking and damaging the embassy. Was turning a blind eye a directive from the Norwegian Government to their police force who says “Sorry” now? This is a slap on the sovereignty of Sri Lanka and the Norwegian Government is under obligation to protect the embassies under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of April 18 1961. Without arresting the perpetrators, just saying “sorry” is not good enough.

There have been demos in France, Denmark, Italy and Germany as well disturbing the tranquility , inconveniencing the public and becoming a menace to the peace loving citizens of those countries.

The ITTD activists are exploiting the generosity of their adopted country, exploiting the sacrosanct freedom of expression and freedom of assembly to hold demos and rallies against Sri Lankan Government openly waving Tamil Eelam Flags which is obscene and illegal under the laws of the countries where LTTE is a proscribed organization.

The International community should take the cognizant of the newly emerged violence based LTTE affiliated International Tamil Terrorist Diaspora and should nip in the bud in the respective countries without allowing it to become another brutal LTTE or Al Qaeda.
-Sri Lanka Guardian


thiru said...

A classic article by a racist singhalese, you claim peaceful protests as being terrorism? Not only are you showing to the world how ignorent you are but are displaying the fundamental reason for why this war even started. According to the singhalese mind the tamils should not have any basic rights as displayed in this article, it is claiming that we as a tamil diaspora are terrorists for protesting, a fundamental right of any citizen in any democratic country, i guess democracy and human rights is a new concept to singhalese such as yourself. As for the melbourne protest, there is video evidence even on youtube of singhalese hooligans jumping on a tamil car and damagin it with sticks, reminds everyone of the brutality the singhalese display towards the tamils anywhere they go. I suggest that you do a little research on what terrorism is and how it is your government that is displaying acts of terrorism before you write a baseless article on how worldwide protests should be considered terrorism! What a joke!

Unknown said...

For ur information , as per Oxford Enlish dictionary ,the definition of a terrorist is " One who terrorises unharmed innocent civilians , even killing them" . By this definition, it's not LTTE, leave alone the diaspora, but the Srilankan State which is a terrorist Organisation, firing into civilians.If only the Sinhalese had treated the Tamils as equal citizens , since independence, they cud have avoided the present helllike situation that have found themselves in.
Tamils may loose a battle , but not the ultimate war.!!!! Diaspora Tamils are just beginning to awake. When the 8 crore Tamils in India awakes , the Sinhalese terrorists will have to hide inside Indian Ocean for cover, unless they repent in time.

Anonymous said...

Thiru - First of all, Sinhalese are not rasist. What right do you have by defending LTTE who is a renown TERRORIST cowards? Are you a TERRORIST? You can be Tamil by not supporting LTTE, cant you, or has your backbone not strong enough for it? What are you trying to achieve, how could you all be so blind for the fact that all of you Die Hard fans of Uncle Prabha, have been taken for a joy ride!!!!

It's time to open your eyes and accept the truth, denial is the first problem you should learn to overcome!!!

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