Will the real Prabhakaran ever come forward?

From Mohan Gunaratnam and Ranjit Surendran in Vavuniya

(April 12, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka Guardian) When the military personnel had a “tour” of the luxury bunker of Velu’s son and the 'Beloved Leader' of the Tamil terror enthusiasts now performing on the streets of London, Ottawa and other cities in the west the final ceremonies of rancor, venom and acrimony, there were some incredible finds.

This was at Puthukudiyiruppu, a city prepared as a Tiger fortress devastating whatever that was traditional to Wanni.

One such finding was evidently what Prabhakaran admired most – The Double – with which he cheated the Tamil community and the world at large. His bunker itself was a classic six star luxury.

Ever since his doctored picture with the Chennai film producer Bharathirajah appeared soon after the tsunami, it was suspected something was wrong somewhere. Later when a picture appeared with the Norwegian Tiger fan Erik Solheim, it certainly appeared the Prabhakaran in that picture was not the 5.2 inches reality but a much taller double.

In the doctored picture, Bharatirajah replaced Anton Balasingam in a picture taken before the tsunami. Recently, it was reported that Prabhakaran in civilian garb appeared among the human shield victims in the No Fire Zone (NFZ) in their thousands, along with his son.

It was probably some kind of a show to mislead people. When they appeared, they had several lines deep of Tiger armed cadres to make sure that the civilians did not attack them. Prabhakaran was never a peoples man. Never!

And finally where in the world a leader of a movement is unable to appear with his troops or followers and was not even present at the assembly of Tiger military leaders where important decisions were to be made but were totally overrun by the army and several leaders were killed?

It was stated by a writer recently that Prabhakaran had assigned Pottu Amman the vicious Tiger torturer to lead the LTTE in this crisis. This is also most unlikely.

What do all these mean?

In the streets aforesaid pro-Tamil activists are spreading all kinds of false contentions against the Armed Forces and the Government of Sri Lanka. Some people are being pressed into making statements and signing documents condemning the actions of Government of Sri Lanka overlooking the reality that government forces are engaged in fighting the most brutal form of terrorism.

There are people who will sign documents and petitions without even reading the contents and checking the veracity and authenticity of the material contained in them.

An organization in Tamilnadu that calls itself some kind of civil liberties activists has collected the signatures of judges, bishops and others and sent a petition to the Secretary General of the United Nations. They are supposed to be persons of wisdom and experience and that includes Arundhati Roy. What a farce?

Amidst all these, Velupillai Prabhakaran is not coming forward at all. Either he is dead or terminally incapacitated; both reduces him to a total zero. What other alternative has Pottu Amman but to surrender unless of course he too is suffering from necrophilia, one who loves to cohabit with death and desolation.

There is also the impression that the Prabhakaran double has since disappeared fearing that he may be arrested by India and charged as Prabhakaran wanted in connection with Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

Fantasy has no limits. The Toronto-based Tamil tabloid trash, Eelandu claimed last week that Prabhakaran made an aerial survey of the NFZ and areas surrounding it to plan a major military maneuver on the armed forces, in a light aircraft. The editor of Eelandu is a known addict of Tamil films.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
Afzal said...

Highly amusing ending !

The "double" story has been floating for some time now. I have a theory this could be a pretty valid one (atlest for my amusement I wish for it)

The real Praba is dead, the double is attempting to run the show, but he will never take the cyanide pill why cos he never wanted to be praba, after all he was dreaming of becoming the President of Tamil Ezham (A new word appearing since recently). Maybe he was plotting to kill praba once he get to his life long ambition and become the Ruler.

Leaving that aside, may be the man who is running the show must be the double if not why on the earth he let 500+ Cadres (must be mostly forced conscripted civilians) to their death knelt knowing very well wise thing to do is live and fight another day.

Their are many reports of the head of LTTE is not of sound mind.

I am amazed by the shameless double standard policies adopted by so called coalition forces when it comes to a one of the longest running terror campaign in the word.

I see some parallels in a article on Island about IMF - International Monitory Fund and the familiar sentiments voiced by various western and European countries they all want us to suffer, they all wants us to live in a hell. They have no intention of letting us come out of this hell created by regional super powers.

All possible avenues are tested to see what best possible options are open to prolong the conflict.

I suggest lets organize world wide campaign to support eliminating the Headless snakes clan.

We have come so close lets not give in now.

I wish all out armed forces brave soldiers fighting for the sake of us and innocent civilians who are trapped in the NFZ happy new year and may their hardships be over soon

Unknown said...

Tsunami happended before Karuna left LTTE, therefore Karuna should know if Prabha died or not.