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Govt. seeking to conceal the true news is only revealing its true weaknesses – Platform for Freedom

(May 15, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) At a joint meeting of the Platform for freedom movement and four Opposition parties held at the UNP media unit today (15May) , Head of the movement , Sudharshana Gunawardena said , the media freedom is so stifled and throttled by this Govt. that the free independent media is unable to give out the true news or the factual situation to the country whereby the very purposes of Journalism are defeated. People of Sri Lanka are only able to know of Sri Lanka through the news published in the Foreign media. Such is the sorry state of the media in this country.

The Government has by giving distorted versions of the true picture through its pro Government media has made simple national issues into complicated international involvements. The war is no exeption, he added.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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