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Govt. under the guise of destroying the LTTE is destroying the nation , country and itself – Mangala

(May 15, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Government’s eagerness to win the war to achieve its dastardly political ends is outrunning its sureness so much so that it is creating a bigger monster which will soon devour the nation , the country and the Govt. due to its inept handling of national issues said, SLFP (M) Leader Mangala Samaraweera at a Pess briefing at the UNP media unit today (15 May).

Even the Tamils who are against the LTTE are being killed under the guise of eliminating terrorism . The recent killing and wounding of thousands of Tamil civilians last Poya day is clear testimony, he added. It is the Govt. ‘s responsibility to protect every citizen of the country without blaming on the LTTE and dismissing every attack on the civilian population as unworthy of probing . Of course , a terrorist Organization cannot be expected to protect civilians. But , the Govt. which is elected to serve the entire population cannot treat those in the South differently from those in the North , nor consider every Tamil as a terrorist , he emphasized. No matter how the Govt. tries to hide the facts from the people of SL using its pro Govt. media , the facts seep through due to the latest technological advancements and the satellite exposures .The more the Govt. lies and deceives its own people the more the LTTE gains , as the credibility balance tilts in LTTE favor , he asserted.

The Govt. is trying to label every Foreign Govt. which condemns civilian killings as an LTTE ally , and justify its actions. Let Mahinda Rajapakse be reminded how he went after Tony Blair in 2006 begging for help , and how the Int. community came to the aid of SL. 25 coutries banned the LTEE and the ban still operates . The FBI created a 41 member unit to investigate LTTE funding , Even that unit is still operating. But, when the Int. community raises its voice against the civilian killings and sufferings , the Govt. instead of rectifying its errors, recklessly criticizes them . The int. community has never told the Govt. to mollycoddle the LTTE at any stage. Its intervention has always been in the best interests of human rights and with a view to solving the ethnic issue , he underlined.

The Govt.’s lopsided attitude is only creating more enemies . Even Jayalalitha , Chief Minister who was against the LTTE is now clamoring for an Eelam Govt. considering the sufferings of the Tamils, he noted.
-Sri Lanka Guardian


H said...

Wonderful statement! I am completely against the LTTE, and I believe in one Sri Lanka. However, the current governing administration, and political leaders, are an embarrassment to those of us who live abroad. For those who agree with the archaic and subjective policies of Mahinda Rajapaska and his brother, ought to enroll in at least one political science and humanities class. Maybe then they will learn that people are people, and that all Tamil people DO NOT support the LTTE. Killing without accord for the sake of eliminating a current problem will only create a larger problem, and more severe consequences. What plan does the Rajapaksa administration have once the LTTE is defeated? How will they assimilate all the civilians from the North East, considering the traumatic events these civilians are currently facing?
Anyone who blindly accepts the will of a government does not believe in or practice true democracy.

Dharme said...

This is a time, when all citizens should come together and support the government for the one common cause and that is to liberate our Tamil brothers and sisters from a terrorist group. That should be the whole focus. This government may not be perfect, but this is the only leadership since the beginning of this conflict, who has taken the right steps towards liberating the country altogether and restore peace. As Sri Lankans, politicians that are distracting our sole focus by political attacks at the government should be ashamed and know that this is your worst way to show leadership. The right thing to do is, to use your international, local and any other influence to rally international support to help the Sri Lankan government. Stop your stupid political agendas at this time of crisis and for god's sake unite as Sri Lankans.

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