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Peace brings new boost for Tourism

(June 02, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka is looking forward to a new boost for Tourism, which has for long been one of the major revenue earners for the country.

The end of the thirty year long war, which saw many ups and downs in the tourism industry, and brought it to very low levels in the past few, has given considerable hope of an a new increase in tourist arrivals.

Official and trade source say that inquiries by independent visitors and tour operators are reportedly on the rise, from the time there were signs of the terrorist LTTE being defeated, and have gained momentum after the news of the terror organization’s final rout in mid May.

Tourism authorities look forward to good arrival figures for the traditional festival attraction, the Kandy Perahera – a historic extravaganza of sight and sound - in July/August this year, and better bookings for the European Winter season which begins later in October/November.

The tourism authorities are working on a well focused global communication campaign will to be rolled soon to attract more tourists to the island during the coming winter season.

In addition to the traditional attractions in Sri Lanka, there is heightened interest in more visitor opportunities in the East, and with the new development due to start soon in the North, many more attractions as well as infrastructure development that will help the tourism industry.

New Era has dawned – Ministry

Reflecting the new confidence in the industry, the Ministry of Tourism states: “Sri Lanka has continued to remain one of the most attractive travel destinations in the world; being consistently rated by travelers and tourists from around the world as one of the most charming and fascinating places to visit.

The defeat of terrorism and the successful end of war in the country has certainly lifted the spirits of all and sundry. People are beginning to breathe the fresh air of tranquility after the guns went silent in the North.

It also said the country's private sector too has seen its confidence being regained and new optimism blossoming.

With the conflict now over, Sri Lanka is looking forward to opening up the North and the East of the country, a hitherto undiscovered part of the island that is teeming with untouched beaches, idyllic villages and cultural treasures galore.

The Government has already launched a 180-day rapid development plan for the North with the participation of all ministers.

With the coastlines rebuilt for travelers and plans to develop the North and East of the island, the time is right for Sri Lanka to reap the benefits of tourism.

Meanwhile a massive global communication campaign will be rolled out this month with a focus on attracting more tourists to the island during the winter season.

Sri Lanka Tourism is hopeful that the new Sri Lanka benefits from its renewed focus in the eyes of the world and attracts the same tourists and travelers alike who have yet to experience the enchanting island.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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