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Did the Govt. death squad kill the arrested Tamil Tiger leaders in the prisons?

(August 01, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Information filtering through highly restricted government sources confirms that number of LTTE leaders arrested in the IDP camps immediately after the defeat of the LTTE have been killed after severe torturing in the prisons in the southern Sri Lanka.

‘Over one hundred odd LTTE men have been silently and systematically wiped out by the government death squads’ said one source. The sources said LTTE’s Balakumar (former EROS head), Yogaratnam Yogi, Karikalan and Pulavar Puthuvai were some of those being killed. They were arrested in the IDP camps and taken to Colombo for interrogation.

‘The government is maintaining dumbfounded silence about their arrests and whereabouts and only revealing the situation faced by Thaya Master and Suba Thamilchelvan’s interpreter George to sidetrack the massacre’ said another source anonymously.

The sources further said that the government failed to report the arrests and whereabouts of the LTTE men to the ICRC.

The TNA parliamentarians too are maintaining silence and this is causing disquiet and further fuelling concerns.
-Sri Lanka Guardian


Unknown said...

Under any law these criminals do not desrve a decent death, in any planet.They should reap what they sowed.

R.Ilanguirane said...

Dear Rohenne,
To you and your Buddhist government all the Tamils are criminals. You also will reap what you sow. Time will turn. Your sons and daughters will see liberated Thamizheelam.

eap said...

Not even animals behave itself like this racists blood thirsty creatures of the sri lanka government. Those who approve such brutality do not belong to the human race.Who is going to bring this war criminlas to justice?

Unknown said...

i am asking yohena,that what is she suggesting the punishment for srilankan's president and his associates for massacaring hundred thousands of innocent tamils civiliants.

Eezhavan said...

Tamil Tigers are Freedom Fighters, They won't lose or die. We'll see who dies a decent death and who dies begging for mercy.


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