Karuna impose death threat on Sri Lanka Guardian correspondent (Updated)

(July 24, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Revelations about the National Integration Minister Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan nom de guerre Col Karuna following the publication of the brief of his wife’s interview and the background story surrounding his visit to Geneva in the Sri Lanka Guardian received the expected violent response from the Minister. Our correspondent in Zurich who undertook the interview with Karuna’s wife Mrs Neela Vidayavady Muralitharan from London recently has been threatened by one of Karuna’s senior goons. The senior member of the Karuna group by the name of Julian phoned our correspondent Veeman and threatened him that he and his family will be finished off within next few days. (Audio Clip)

Kuruna had openly threatened the Sri Lankan media several times in the past. There is public concern over is involvement in some of the violent anti-media campaign.

Our correspondent was threatened several times by Karuna’s man Julian since publication of the news. ‘We will kidnap your children in Zurich, and even kill your parents who are in Thirukkovil at the moment and I demand you to stop publishing anything adverse about our Karuna Amman. We will not hesitate to kill you even spending millions because you are writing badly about our leader.”

When our correspondent asked him how many people Col. Karuna had killed when he was with the LTTE, Julian replied: “We will kill all your family members. It is the ultimate target of our leader.”

Veeman is our correspondent based in Zurich. He is writing for Tamil media for the past several years. He is now working for our Tamil medium web site -‘Ilankai net’.

Julian’s threatening remarks have been recorded by our correspondent.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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Ravi said…
Jungle can be changed but the tiger's dot will never changed.

Once a terrorist - always a terrorist.
kahagalle said…
This attribute of Karuna is a direct result of his association with LTTE. His master Prbhakaran with whom he has spent many years involved with mayhem they carried out on innocent people cannot be erased or rehabilitated over night. At least Karuna is taking the responsibility of his past conduct and trying to reform himself. We have to give him some leverage for this noble effort without slandering him. In fact even late Mr. Prbhakaran could have done that. We would have been writing a different storey if that did happen. He was given ample opportunity to give up weapons and join the democratic forces. For reasons only known to Prbhakaran he did not have the intellect and greater understanding to accept his defeat. The people who slander the Mahinda Rajapaksa as High King, seems to have no problem in addressing Prbhakaran as Sun-God. We know most of the LTTE sympathizers see him as a traitor and he should be brought down for the demise of LTTE. I wish Sri Lanka Guardian will not be a party to it.
Unknown said…
This is what you get, for giving him a post instead of tring him on court for massacuring of monks, unarmed police officers ...etc.
Unknown said…
I am a Sinhalese, presently living outside of Sri Lanka. But I am reading all the newspapers and websites to find what is happening in Sri Lanka. It is really painful when some people try to derail our country again with ulterior motives. I watched all the debates in UK parliament; it was so painful to see how effectively the LTTE has inculcated hatred mindset in foreign policy/law makers against Sri Lanka. When the President Obama expressed some views against Sri Lanka without knowing the reality and truth, I wrote to him, even though, I know for sure it would not make any effect.

So what I want to tell you is that I have lost the confidence and faith on your newspaper. In recent past, I read several mischievous articles in your paper. Now you have undertaken some ugly job of character assassination. The sudden change of your policies is shameful to the so-called media freedom. Do you think, you have licence to assassinate the character of people selected of your choice and according to your personal political beliefs? You are completely responsible for starting this hatred game again. Your attempts (seemingly innocent, harmless and positive) will be new seeds to a new conflict among Sinhalese and Tamils. You are trying to propagate the great myth that Sinhalese discriminated Tamils. You believe that Tamils need a federal solution; there is no other solution to so-called ethnic problem. In these perspectives, Mr. Karuna is an obstacle to prove your theory because right now he is not pressing for federal solution with Police and Land powers. The outlook of conflict between Mr. Pilleyan and Karuna can be seen on this line. But you support Mr. Pilleyan (not personally but in my argument, he is an icon who represents people for federalism). So you want to assassinate Mr. Karuna politically. This is your real job these days because for whatever reason you are in the Mr. Pilleyans’s side. I understand Mr. Karuna has good political knowledge than you people to see the reality. He does not want to see the continuation of the bloodshed in Sri Lanka. People who advocated federalism as the solution to three decade bloodshed of both young Tamils and Sinhalese, I do not have any doubt, they do not have wisdom to see the new reality in the country. In that sense, the political knowledge of such person is less than that of Mr. Karuna. Some may say Mr. Karuna is opportunistic, but I do not agree because we may not solve this problem if we try to maintain distance of mistrust forever. You people are not allowing any respite for the war weary people in Sri Lanka. Please let the dust settle first.

I have understood that your newspaper is not allowing any alternative political views that are not match with your politics. You have given a good space for federalists and all sort of I/NGO crooks. Sinhalese hate these so-called do gooders. Now a new era has dawn. We want to see our country is peaceful and developed in the near future. But I feel your newspaper has undertaken a new job to derail our dream. Please put aside your old theories of federalism (whatever name- 13-/13/13+). Let the country to have a natural recovery from the destruction of last 30 years. How much you tried with your vicious agenda, you may not be able to start a reconciliation processes forcefully, such attempt would not work. That is the reality. Let that is to happen naturally, then at least within next five or ten years, we may be able to see, Sri Lanka is on right track for peace, development and free of corruption. All I/NGO crooks that you have embraced mistakenly are highly corrupted and there is no transparency in their mechanism. One day people will realise you too are not different from all sort crooks and puppets.
sujanthan said…

srilanka gurdain you know karuna is not a human. he is a harm animal. he only know to kill people .he is the expert person on that. how many tamil, singala, muslim people were killed by karuna? the answer is more then million. here before his harm activities was in jungle but the only different is now his harm activities inside the city. and other thing is he came from very rubbish family. i dont thing he went to school even one year. Because his whole life spend with L.T.T.E captain prapakaran. For killing people..i don’t know why the people of srilanka alloeing to alive karuna. Karuna must be kill by public