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Our salute to Upali Cooray

By Douglas Devananda, M. P

(August 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) My party, the EPDP and I are deeply moved and saddened to hear the passing away of comrade Upali Cooray, a leading international figure in the leftist movement of this country. He was a humanist in real sense of the word and worked with dedication and sincerity for democracy, Human Rights and rights of the working class of this country.

Upholding Marxism/Leninism, he committed himself for taking the Human race to a higher elevation and at the same time registering a strong Anti-fascist feelings. Though he was not a prominent figure in contemporary Sri Lankan politics, he played leading role in the leftist movement in our country.

He also was a prominent Trade Union activist who took a concerted effort for awareness raising among the working class of their rights and published several books on labour related laws, contributing an appreciable service to the society.

He had a clear cut vision concerning a solution to the ethnic crisis in this country and also took a firm position regarding the political rights of the Tamil Speaking People.

We are also aware that he did a remarkable volume of work internationality against the LTTE as the International Secretary of the Committee for Democracy and Justice.

At this sorrowful moment, my party, the EPDP and I on behalf the Tamil Speaking People of our country wish sharing the sorrow with members of family, friends and near ones of late Mr. Upali Cooray.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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