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Government dishing out large sums and positions to strengthen its international campaign

(September 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) According to Foreign Office source, it has been decided to strengthen the international propaganda network to confront the adverse opinion about the Sri Lankan government internationally.

Removal of Dr Palitha Kohana as Foreign Secretary has paved the way for the Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollogama to consolidate his authority in his ministry. Both were said to be at loggerhead and Dr Kohana was said be an obstacle for the Foreign Minister as their working relationship was at odds on several fronts. It is claimed Dr Kohana too was frustrated working in the Foreign Ministry and wanted an exit which was sympathetically considered by the President who moved him as the head of Sri Lankan office in the UN.

The Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogolloagama had meetings with his loyal friends and appointed some of them as media campaign heads in many counties notably in Canada, UK and Thailand.

Following the departure of Dr Kohana, it is claimed that the Foreign Office has decided to invest in the print media and the IT, television network to campaign in favour of the government. A web news site operated by a nefarious operator from a secret location in a Scandinavian country is offered large sums to go into print media. The distribution network is said to be through the Sri Lanka foreign missions.

Asked to comment on this development, a well known and concerned Sri Lankan said: ‘These are for the converted to keep their spirits high while it’s all crumbling around them’.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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