General Fonseka resigns: What next?

By Keerthi Ratnayaka

(November 14, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Yesterday it was reported, a group of people organized by Marvin Silva had blocked the gate of the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara and and shouted on a international trap while Gen. Fonseka was engaged in religious ceremony at the temple. Marvin Silvas’ people had tried to create a clash with the security personnel of Gen. Fonseka when he was about to leave. It is un-dispute fact that Marvin Silva voluntarily not committed with such but provoked by one of Rajapakshas.

Even many not known these type of dirty operations totally carry out by Gotabaya Rajapaksha.Not only this incident it reminisce past, in fact I can witness many, on 28-08-2007 a personal who claimed Military officer had came to the office of Vijaya Newspapers and threatened Iqabal Athas to stop the exposures on alleged irregularities in the procurement of MiG aircraft. Further W.G Gunarathna also threatened not to translate and publish Sinhala versions of `The Situation Report` written by Iqbal Athas , also suffer serious consequences. Further WG Gunaratna strictly ordered that Athas should be informed not to write the popular defence column on MIG deal or leave the country within three months. The militant had also told Gunaratne that the slain Parliamentarian Nadaraja Raviraj had to die, because he had similar disregarded warnings by him. Same time it was held a protest by group of people front of the Iqabal Athas residence accusing him as a traitor .When Sirasa TV trying to get interview from one protester it was showed to public that he was not known even the name of Athas as said people were hired to act a drama which sponsored by Gotabaya. (Note the said militant none of other than the writer)The hands of this protest is now clear but it need to write some word about their slogan that " International trap". Is Gen.Fonseka trapped a conspiracy of north block?

Apart from the Gen.Fonseka it is no doubt Gotabaya , London, Delhi, Washington all together now in a game and its last ditch face saving attempt to thrust a semi-balance of solution upon the Srilankan Tamils. But hitherto no body prepared to concede the fundamental aspirations of Tamils, only concern about seeking just solution. It seems concern parties are heading for misery and going to leave another dark legacy as they did before. It reminiscent history of this crisis, in resulting of freedom struggle it was received Soulbury proposal with the pre-condition of to accept all,Sinhala leaders promised to work out fairly. After independence all promises were thrown to the four winds. In 1987 India signed an accord with Jayawardena regime with out concent of any of its citizens ,and it merged northern and eastern. Even this ill considered solution which did not address the national aspirations was blocked by political duplicity. 2002 Ranil signed another document with LTTE in same manner and it de-merged border line as Government and LTTE.In 1987 where a few hundred of Tamils displaced due to Wadamarachci operation Indian Airforce air dropped some food items to Tamils ,in fact this was not humanitarian gesture but message to Jayawardena regime. Subsequently Gotabaya also left the army. But today more than 200000 Tamils are facing worst humanitarian disaster, today India openly deal with SL government.

In fact there is no international conspiracy other than mutual deals comes for survival.Much more today It is clear Indian intervened has tilted ethnic balance as well political balance in favour of Mahinda Rajapaksha.Through out past Colombo Government has sent many invitations to international community to deal the ethnic issue,merely being the fact of trust deficiency of the LTTE,later same remarked as international conspiracy.

Finding an acceptable solution to ethnic problem is a not a issue to Gen.Fonseka,he
may invoke fair solution to satisfy Tamils while same not create ruffle in south ,but mainly resettlement process of close 200000 people living in IDP camps is a immediate challenge. Recently addressing The religious ceremony organized by Washington Buddhist Temple Gen.Fonseka remarked,” Killing of Prabakaran would not end terrorism. What we need now is to develop a society that would not create more Prabakarans. It is not necessary to detain Tamil people further. Detaining them further would create more Prabakarans in the future. "In fact the Tamil problem predates the Tamil Tigers, asolution needs to be found for their aspiration .Now there is only a leadership vacuum it only temporary. Further for a successful negotiated out come both parties should proceed on a principal of fairness and free will. A nation cannot negotiate when it is under occupation, one cannot negotiate under duress. It is sure forthcoming political operation of Gen.Fonseka is not a combine product of London,Delhi,Washington but the people of Srilanka. It is worth to note" Madamulana Walawwa" is a place contribute nothing to the nation but a culture of insatiable greed that enslave people in the name of so-called patriotism. Marvin Silva is a run out dog barks from there, to the rising full moon.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
SingaporeAdrian said...

The competence of leaders who don't know that sheiks live in the Middle East and that only Sikhs were in the Golden Temple raises troubling questions about quality. Hasn't the good general the strategic sense and sense of quality to get his resignation letter looked over with a normal command of the English language? Likewise, Editors of the SL Guardian, can't you edit and make more intelligible some of the articles posted on your website? I am not being a snob. Just demanding basic quality!!!

kalu banda said...

I suspect something fishy is gong on.Gen Sarath Fonseka was first invited officially to USA.Then it was cancelled.Then Genraal goes to USA on a private Visit .There USA state department Guys ask him to give evidence againts Gota.After all this Genaral comes back safely to Katunayake.This looks a funny drama first but Sri Lankans should be aware of these happanings because some dangerous thing could pappen to the country)During all these time foolish JVP ,JHU organizer protests etc to save Sarath without knowing what is happening behind the screen of this drama.

Stewart Sloan said...

How soon will it be before Sarath Fonseka is assassinated by an LTTE claymore, allegedly laid by vengeful remnants of the LTTE, which was stolen from a Sri Lankan army depot? (For ‘stolen’ read SUPPLIED).

Move over Lasantha......make room for another martyr.

kahagalle said...

Keerthi’s article is bias and with lots of personnel innuendo. He has forgotten how the same Iqbal Athas manhandled by the UNP goons connected to former Air Force Commander. He also has forgotten how JRJ handled the media though most of the media was in his hands.
Who is this Fonseka if not elevated to be the Army Commander by the President? He was also one of the same dirty gang for 30 years who made money from the war. The only difference was that he found a more capable Commander in Chief and a Defense Secretary. The writer seems to have something against the Defense Secretary. But he should realize that Defense Secretary also was a regular army officer of Sarath Fonseka's vintage.
The current conduct of Sarath Fonseka shows conduct unbecoming of an army officer unless you are hell bent against the present government. Officers and men hold their ranks at the discretion of the president. I know how many resignation letters Sarath Fonseka has refused citing war contingencies through he is claiming that he has a right to resign. Officers and men cannot resign and run away during war situation, which is technically on with extension of emergency in the country. The government has been very generous to have accepted this un-Generals letter with immediate effect.