Ranil blasts unruly elements at Kelaniya

(November 14, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe has strongly condemned the commotion created by certain unruly elements when General Sarath Fonseka was leaving the Kelaniya Rajamaha Vihara after taking part in religious observances. “We enter the sacred grounds of the Kelaniya Vihara after casting aside our political and personnel views. This is the manner in which we have come to this sacred place for centuries.

"We condemn what had happened. Not only General Sarath Fonseka, anyone can go there. When I was the Prime Minister and Mahinda Rajapaksa was the Opposition Leader, that right was there. That should not be an issue. Everyone should have that right.
"Sarath Fonseka is a vice president of our Dayaka Sabha and he went to meet the Chief Incumbent of the temple. Therefore, we vehemently condemn what happened.

"Various views will be expressed about Sarath Fonseka’s actions. But everyone has the right to worship at the temple.

"What Minister Mervin Silva did here by bringing people from the Pradeshiya Sabha was a deplorable act. This has not happened before. President Mahinda Rajapaksa acted this way so that they won’t remain in these posts.

"We have the Perahera in January and the Dayaka Sabha needs to convene. What will the people ask us thereafter? There is no politics here and no matter who creates these commotions, I condemn it,” said the opposition leader.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabah Prasanna Ranaweera expressed these views regarding the unrest situation occurred.

“We had Bodhi Pooja at the Kelaniya Rajamaha Vihara to invoke blessings on the president who completes four years in office. This has been going on since the 10th of this month. There were many army personnel at the entrance of the temple and they didn’t let us in. as they didn’t let us in there was a small problem. The Police officers threatened us saying that they will shoot us. Another group of army officers too said that they will shoot us. Thereafter a large number of people arrived from no where. I think this is an outside conspiracy. There is no clash between the army and us. This was an act carried out to insult the President and us.”
-Sri Lanka Guardian
kahagalle said...

How come Ranil has come to defend Sarath Fonseka at this incident? He should have done so while he was fighting the war in Pamankada. Ranil has forgotten his words on Thoppigala. Fonseka is fooled as usual to have relationship with these unpatriotic elements. Fonseka has exhibited his lack of judgment at several instances in his career.

Roi said...

I don't understand why these people start there dirty politics from the temple. Even the buddhist monk are quite anxious to get involve these kind of things which ever the party.

Absolutely General Fonseka is a Hero and yet it is too early to starts these kind of activities playing hands for the people who who are trying to take advantages from his popularity. Can he trust these people that they would loyal to him. There will be Ranil group, Fonseka group or JVP group evenafter if he becomes the President. Our whole country go to misery when these people starts to fight with each other. They have to invest their whole time and energy for survive for themselves instead working for public.

Even General Fonseka says that government promissed him a higher possition. So if that is the reason he brought the victory to country then he is not a hero. He says he is dedicated to serve the country. So if it is were the case as a military man he should remain in his military possition to give a better service to the country. Because that is what he knows doing for last forty years. Rajapakshe is a better politician than anybody who had in recent years or probably the ever had. As a politician he is a very versatile person. When we were facing the war against terrorist outfit like Tigers military plays only a fragment of role. The political leader must have a tremendous courage and the wisdom to deal with the internationally. Specially the whole western world admitted that the Tigers are terrorist but they never want to destroy. They always tried there best possible way to ssve them as they knew tigers never become a threat for them. So Rajapakshe played a treamendous smart game well understanding the chellanges of the modern day politics. Even somebody cannot think a person like Ranil can ever does that. A Hero like General Sarath Fonseka must be insane to join a club like Ranil Wickramasinghe, if he have a problem with President Rajapakshe better be stay home, that would be a better service to the country rather than joining with low class politicians. Ranil is a gentleman but not that mean he is somebody who can run a country like Sri Lanka. I am sorry for General as where his future stands.

Dammika said...

With this incicident president mahinda will be in an embarassed position.the finger will b levlled to MODERN DUTUGAMUNU.
There is good lesson to Both parties General Fonseka & President Mahinda. When you are sleeping with Dogs You will be getting up with Lice.(Balloth ekka nida gaththoth Makkoth ekka nagitinna wenava)

Kanishka said...

Mr. Kahagalle,

Sour Grapes....first of all why is Mr. Rajapaksa still entertain that good for nothing Dr. called Mervyn...?????