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Reply to Soori

By K Sutharsan

(November 10, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Mr Sooriyasegaram has been out of Sri Lanka for nearly 45 years. His knowledge and experience post is departure to the UK seems to be blank.

His new found love to Sri Lanka fails to consider the suffrocation of the Tamils following the introduction of various state policies including the worst standardisation policy preventing Tamils from entering universities. These rejected the Tamil people systamatically and eventually produced the LTTE.

The £100,000 he is refering to as his gain must be repaid fully to the state or a Tamil charity from his fat deposit account in London without trying to manipulate his way with the government in his last crawling age of his life. The government is waiting to grab opportunists like him to conduct Perahara in Jaffna.

It is clear from his mutterings that he did not suffer any losses as a result of state policy against the Tamils. He says he is a socialist. What a confused state of mind is he in even to confuse the great Karl Marx.

I have experienced the ravages of the dastardly conduct of the successive governments against the Tamils. A victim of the 1958, 1977, 1983 anti Tamil violence. A victim of the standardisation policy. Victim of many other ravages including loosing my family members to the guns.

Sooriyasekaram's blinkered assessment appears to be a deliberate attempt to earn the goodwill of the government and his doing his boot licking service at this critical time for the government.

It is no secret that he had served the controvercial Douglas Devanada as consultant for the Jaffna Municipality during his latest visit to Sri Lanka and organised a public meeting for Prof Tissa Vitharane in Jaffna with Douglas's backing.

He should tell more about his ulterior motives than telling us his fiddle assessments like a rouge priest trying to earn the goodwill of the people.
-Sri Lanka Guardian


rohanana said...

Unfortunately what this writer is missing is lack of true information which he has based his story about. To start with Tamil claim of discrimination was not started after the independence, but from 1920's under the British, and went to Salisbury Commission claiming discrimination and lost their claim. Can he tell us when was the Jaffna University opened and by whom? Who were the students there and who funded the University since it opened? With me I had many Tamil students at Colombo University from North, if this so called discrimination is true, how did they come to Uni? Yes it is true, Tamil people suffered in the hands of some brutal selfish handful of Sinahala people same as so many innocent Sinahala old men, women and children including babies were killed by brutal Tamil people. But that does not mean all Tamil people are like that or all the Sinahala people are like that. If Sinhala people are discriminating Tamil people, what happens if Sinhala people stopped buying anything from Tamil shops? Are there any Sinhala doing that? How is that majority of the Tamil population live with Sinahala people on better conditions than Sinhala people in the South and West? So please donot try to mislead people and create another situation where innocent people from both side will be hurt. Lets forget and forgive each other for their pasts and unite and discuss for our future generations to have a united and prosperous country to live. That should be our aim. We all have benefitted at one time or other from the first class (second to none in the world) education received in Sri Lanka irrespective of the ethnicity.

Unknown said...

Dear Sutresen

As a persion from minority community you can highlight the disadvantage of a public policy chanage on your point of view. Standardization adversly affected only tamil student lived in Japana district. In the same time student from Colombo, Gampaha Kandy and Kalutra (predominatly sinhalies) suffered from Standardisation. But students lived in Trinco, Baticlo, Vannin (Kilinochchi+Mulative) enjoyed the advantage of standardisation.

Even today, you are not ready to accecept student from south to the north universities. But theire are large number of students from north in universities in south.

You can get advantage from anithing by saying we are minority and mis-treated by the government.

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