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An open letter to Tiger or any celebrity from a soldier

“Sad and pathetic result of an extramarital affair is that, instead of having ‘different sex’ with the ‘same’ woman one takes a totally un-called for or unnecessary risk to have ‘same sex’ with ‘different’ women!”

Written by Day

(December 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) I am a Solder and would like to present this article as words of advice or a future lesson to Tiger Woods, any celebrity, or any other married person who cannot control his sexual urges or sex drive. As married Soldiers we deploy on year long tours without sex or alcohol, a bummer for a person with very fragile moral fiber! A vast majority of us, Soldiers, are very glad that we do not have wives who need to be forced to wear chastity belts, and Tiger should have been proud of his wife, Elin Nordegren, who has been very low key in public life in that way! I am writing this during my off-duty hours and sending this from a combat zone.

It is true that the recent traffic accident and the domestic issue are personal matters for the Woods in the normal circumstances and if they are ordinary people and we watch tiger only for his golf skills. He does know that celebrities and ordinary people are treated differently in society. Is not the very reason Police were denied the interview after the traffic accidents? What would happen to PVT Doe if he refused?

It is revealed that he engaged not only in one extra marital affair or a sexcapade, though one is too many, but several ‘transgressions’!

I am a runner, and when Tiger or any celebrity touts or recommends us to buy Nike or TAG Heuer then their behavior in private or public has a relevance to or a bearing on us and our children. The mansions some married celebrities live in with their families or paramours in gated communities, in islands, or at the beachfront, with high walls and round the clock security hiding nefarious activity are bought not only with the money they earned with their sports skills. And so much more is accumulated or amassed as their personal wealth by advocating to us to buy the consumer products and services he or she vouches for or touts.

When a celebrity appears for a consumer advertisement the consumers are made to believe to a large extent if it is good for the world’s most known athlete or a celebrity then it is good for me, my son, my daughter and my wife. The most important message they convey is (s)he has been truthful to the best of her/his knowledge and honest. The parents tend to ‘lecture’ their children based on the celebrities’ behavior, personal conduct and the sports skills. Parents ‘quote’ the selected celebrities’ names to their children as role models to emulate. This is all the while parents and children alike not knowing the sorry, pathetic, vulgar dark side those celebrities hide behind high walls and the closed doors of their mansions bought with some percentage of our money collected by his sponsors. It does not matter how infinitesimal our individual contribution as consumers is, as an ocean is a collection raindrops!

By reading the Tiger stories of infidelity or ‘transgressions’ I gather following that is interesting; the confession of Jaimee Grubbs. “I had sex more than 20 times with Tiger ”; part of a Tigers’ alleged sextext “go to bathroom and take something naughty and send me now ”; and Tiger plaintively telling “the marriage not it built up what it to be”. Let me slice-and-dice. If Tiger was unhappy with marriage he should have divorced in the first place and found another suitable woman. He owed it to no one else but to the Woods’ children. But his unhappy marriage story does not hold water as he has decided to procreate not only one but four children, and had an affair with only one woman but three (disclosed up to now)! Having sex more than 20 times with another women and sending naughty sextexts is not a result of an unhappy marriage but is a pastime! Asking for naughty photos from another woman outside the marriage smacks of one’s fetish nature or it is manifest of the level of one’s vulgarity.

Sadly a lot of men fail to understand that most of women lose their beauty, shape and curves or supermodel like figures after child births. We men need to accept equal responsibility for our women’s losing shape, figure and attractiveness. It is for the most part for our needing to have children, or else for failure to wear a condom! It seems most want children rather than need children.

If a realistic man observes the daily work or chores of his loving wife he would realize and appreciate that though they say, which I doubt, that men think about sex every seven seconds. But I think a woman with kids to care and provide for does not think on the average at least once a day! Because our wives are preoccupied with cooking, home work, extracurricular activities of the children etc. Our wives get sexual urges from time to time because they are human beings too. Sometimes unfortunately not when are in the mood! As men we need to be in good communication with her and seize the moment when it presented itself.

We should have ‘experimented’ all we want before marriage, and after marriage it is sacrifice, give and take when it is possible!

We Soldiers deploy year long tours to theater of war leaving our children in the hands of our loving wives, who can be trusted without chastity belts! When we return home after long and arduous tours in an active combat zone or from war, amazingly what we find, most of the times is grown up kids, well kept gardens, neat and tidy homes, children having had good grades, bank accounts and movable and immovable property intact. Our wives, instead of having a crush on, fantasizing or sleeping with someone else, had fully committed themselves for our families so that we could commit ourselves to defend freedom and our way of life.

We have had a Special Forces general, the powerful and the celebrity in the military, who went from enlisted to officer and retired about three years ago. He is still happily married to his high school sweetheart. With his Temporary Duty (TDY) assignments all over the world, in countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico, S Korea etc. during his four decades of military service he could have lost self-control and messed-up his marriage but he gladly chose fidelity over flesh, long term stability of marriage over slam-bam-thank you-ma’am, wife over ‘Mamasan’ to set an example for us to follow!

Sad and pathetic result of an extramarital affair is that, instead of having ‘different sex’ with the ‘same’ woman one takes a totally un-called for or unnecessary risk to have ‘same sex’ with ‘different’ women! The only innocent casualties or victims for life of a sordid and torrid affair of a father or a mother are their precious and totally innocent children who are stigmatized and traumatized on daily basis and mocked and ridiculed at school or in the streets throughout their lives. It is an unpardonable crime on parents’ part!
-Sri Lanka Guardian


Keerthi said...

Excellent article!! What an insight to any human being. We make simple things so complicated by not really looking at the fundamental reality of any phenomenon.


Astaire Arudpiragasam said...

It was a well written article. Hats off to the writter, do not know his name. this reinforces our commitment to maintain the high moral values in our life. The holy Bible says one day our sin will find us out.

Thassim said...

I sincerely appreciate & respect the writers comments.
However it would be most appropriate for Tiger Woods and other such celebrities in similar situations to convert to the Islamic faith which permits a man to have at least 4 (four) wives. All wives have to be treated with equality in all aspects of the mans life.Of course they should also follow Islam. Islam is a very practical religion if you really study it.

Compost It said...

Thank you for taking the time to write this. Thank you very much.

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